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  • Hey, I have read a great many of your posts considering stroking a 383. I have many questions, and would love to be able to pick your brain if possible. I own a B Body, and will soon start ordering parts and pieces for my return home from overseas. I am not sure which route to go. There are options and risks both ways. I understand enough to be dangerous, but not enough to get exactly what I want I believe.
    Hi Dave, Clay here, I was wondering how much work would be needed to get that 273 up and running? I think that I saw on the OP that you did some engine work. Maybe we can talk about you getting it running for me, if that would interest you. If not then we can at least talk about me coming down there to check out the motor?
    ........Hi Dave, what is the price on the bushings that u get installed in a big block dodge........thanks.........kim..........
    That's all my pleasure. He's a great guy and his car is going to be really nice when it's done. Gary should take good care of the build for him.
    Moper,Thanks for helping "Mad Dog".. I figured you could turn him on to a mild stock looking combo,with a bit of truth.
    You take your kids to a crappy zoo on the side of the road. It has one animal, a dog. What kind was it?

    What do you call a vertically challenged person, whom escaped from prison, that can commune with the dead?
    Hi Mark, Glad to hear from you! The 70 Swinger's one of my favorite A bodies... and a 340 stick is the best package IMO... Glad to see you're "local". Not as many guys in Eastern CT as I would have thought given the cars I see. Is the car all stock? Restored? work in progress? Thanks for the note - Dave
    Hey Dave, my name is Mark and I'm driving a 70 340 4spd Swinger up here in Putnam, Ct. Good to see so many mopar guys in the area.
    Hi Dave it's Peter formerly from XV. I started my own shop on the Island a little over a year ago. I'm pulling the stroker out of my Dart in the next week or so. The short block has been together for 10 yrs. It runs great, but its had an oil burning issue since day one. One quart every hundred miles, but you really don't see smoke like you would think. I did head work about 6 yrs ago and noticed the bores looked very glazed. Anyway, it's a 71 360 block 40 over with Ross pistons. Comp is about 11 with Edelbrocks. What are the chances this can be honed with new rings? Or am I dreaming and need to locate a block? The combo is great and I'm really only looking to fix the problem and reassemble. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Peter
    Hi Moper, Starting to put together a plan (several plan options really) for my motor. Would like to talk to you about services you provide an/or recomendations you may have. Head work etc....My cell phone number is 781 718 8138. Thanks, Todd
    i have a question ,wonder if you may have answer? i just put new felpro 8553 head gaskets on my 68 340.now it has a rattle when running,after checking rockers i found they are all lightly loose when on the flat side of the cam.all the pusshrods will spin freely and the rockers will slide side to side easily.lifters never left their bores and everything is torqued.apparanlty those gaskets are .020thicker than stock,is that my problem? tks
    Hey regal... It is worse the further rearward you go. It's the speed of the air passing the fitting the valve goes on that causes the low pressure and the valve to open. The air in the exh system slows as it cools and travels down the pipe.
    hey moper, what if i put the check-valve mechanism in the end of the muffler were the pressure exits the muffler, there wont be any back pressure at the point , i have turn downs. i relize i will have to run a long cranckcase hose but.... if this works im willling to do it
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