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  • Hi Edd, good to see you back, and hear you're Dart is coming along. Also want you to know the "secret Santa" backpack you gave me gets plenty of's just perfect and still looks brand new, thank you again!!
    You take your kids to a crappy zoo on the side of the road. It has one animal, a dog. What kind was it?

    What do you call a vertically challenged person, whom escaped from prison, that can commune with the dead?
    I have some 67 visors that you can have but the shipping might be too much.They are black,let me know
    Sorry about the misfire on your PM! My Gold membership expired earlier this month and I'm not in a position to renew it yet or have the time to sort out 1000 messages). Please email me instead at I apologize for the hassle.
    Saw a thread where you were trying to sell a 1967 Dodge Dart GT Grill Emblem, the holy grail, saw no one bit at $ you still have it? Thanks!
    So sorry to hear you was hit and robed again Ed, I would be on a rampage and end up in jail looking for thieves
    Hey buddy need help
    Looking for 1974 swinger rear bumper fillers left and right
    just wanted to see if you still had the center console ashtray housing and ashtray available? I have been looking for one for years with no luck.

    Sorry nite moves I was deleting old messages and deleted my tracking number I'm am idiot please resend if possible
    Hi Edd.
    thanks for packaging the parts so well. The vent grills and under stearing column pieces are even better I expected. Regards, John
    i just in the process of buying it from some one else i need four barrel but i have most of it already
    so hows it going . i got that tranny rebuilt i got off of you.
    the mechanic said it looked in good shape
    I got my motor rebuilt too it cost more than i thought so im a little broke
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