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  • hey, sorry it took me 3 years to respond to your comments lol! I ran out of money and quit working on the car. until now! check out the new pics. chris
    I have those in stock, $75 plus $10.15 shipping. I also have aluminum carriage bolts with nuts, washers for $2 each if you'd like. my paypal is motorhead446@hotmail.com or send to
    Jeff Lingenfelter
    0858 E. 700 N.
    LAPORTE, IN 46350
    Sold it many years ago it was in last months issue of mopar muscle the guy that bought it just finished it last summer and it looks great
    I am using John Deere "Blitz Black". It is awesome, you can buy it by the spray can, quart, or gallon. A gallon was only $32 but I had to buy 2 because our local JD dealer didn't carry gallons and had to order it in two's. No streaks and covers great.
    the black i used really dont look that good, i just bought a case of wal mart flat black spray paint. when the sun hits it i can see all the uneven striping from the spray. i do have some photos posted on here but none left on my computer due to a virus.
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