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  • Good Morning, I have a 66 Dart and noticed the pic you posted on one of the forums. It was a blue 66 with the rally wheels. This is the exact match im looking for. You you still have the wheel tire specs. I would really like to get a hold of those. Thank You!
    Hey Scott I see you dropped a couple of places in the DSE points standings there buddy , better luck in the ONDR series .
    Have a prowler buddy wanting to buy a new F150, I checked and I can get a X plan for him but have to call for exception since he is in Canada. Then I got to thinking that if you get the 4X plans like we do and have extra for the year if maybe you could generate it

    If you could help out that would be great.

    Have a question about the flex. Thinking about getting one for my wife to replace her 2004 Freestar. I like the 2012 better than the new ones, one thing I really dislike is the FLEX letters on the hood.

    Are they on with just adhesive tape or is there pilet holes to line them up.

    My guess it is just like the Escape and MKC and just stick on. The Lincoln badge on the MKC is a real pain to put on the lift gate........ LOL

    Brad said he would need the X plan pin by Friday, but I'm still waiting on his info. Here we have to have name, address and last 4 of social security number. Not sure what they use in Canada.

    Larry WildCat Mayes
    Merry Christmas Scotty , hope things are going good for you and your daughter . -cheers Chris
    Scott, thanks for helping my brother Doug out with the pro-stars. He was able to trade the tires in at a local tire shop for a pr. of 205/75/14's. He ordered a new pr. of 15x8 prostars for the rear.
    Thanks for all your help Tom Drewery..
    Hey Scott don't open any email from my yahoo account was hacked last weekend , I will notify you here first if I send you any email , sorry if you already got hit they are sending an attachment with it that is a worm of some sort .
    hey dart doc sent me to you ... hi my mane is will im looking for a rear bumber and rear tail light for a 1966 dart 4 door i live in anderson, south carolina
    Hey Wally,thanks for the offer,but with my car needing a rebuilt engine and paint LOL.I,m gonna have to pass on your fine 71 Dart at this time.I have to stick to my plans on moving in the springtime.Thanks
    Hey Scott, How are you, besides the obvious catistrophic race breakage. Hope you are doing well. Hopfully you got my message about an upcoming regional get together plus Steve. Maybe we can have a Christmas theme where Mike dresses up as Santa and pukes all over Bill. Anyway the reason for my message is that just in case the thought ever crossed your mind about swithcing body style for your race car and using all the good stuff you have from your 66, I am thinking of selling my 71. It is ROCK SOLID as you know as it spent it's life in California/Mexico. Just a thought, you get first dibs when and if I decide to pull the trigger. It needs absolutly NO body/floor/frame work, Just cosmetics and gofast pieces. Would be a killer race car.
    WC (estate West)
    Scott I hope you realize my comments in Nite Moves apology thread are not meant for you I think you do a pretty good job around here -mostly { can't let your head get too big eh }
    thought that might get a response , thanks the bushing is what got me interested a little dampening is probably better on the street , as for the banning we'll see I've been poking a couple of the right wing jag offs who only seem to post in the political forum with a stick so to speak ,nothing too bad heck nothing as bad as they go at each other but you know what pissy little babies those americans can be lol I wouldn't be surprised if they ganged up and complained to you mods
    I really am interested in knowing the brand name and where I can buy a traction setup like the one in your Dart Sport please get back to me before my anticipated banning
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