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  • hey all you old grippers, I am working on putting a 440 RB into a 1965 Dodge Dart. want to know what control arms,spindles,rotors.calpers, etc. can be used from later MoPars. Any help will save me a lot of research. MoPar to ya
    I worked for Chrysler for 47 years and have owned and raced every super muscle built including a 68 hemi dart with 4 speed Now that i am retired i am going to slow down a bit and stuff a super wild 440 into a 65 Dart GT problem is cant find headers would like fenderwells any one know what would work?
    I mentioned Shumacher Headers in my other response to you, they will not fit the OEM K-Member and engine mounts. Bill Reilly "engineered" his AlterKtion to use the Late A Body, your 68 Body, B/RB Headers. To my knowledge, there are no headers built for the RB and early A-Body.
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