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  • the rocker assemblies i received are great , and this is my form of feedback for all to read . great member .
    main cap bolts Hello just taking a shot in the dark. I am in need of 2 360 la main cap bolts. just thought if you had the windage tray bolts you might have some main cap bolts. I lost 2 and its holding up a rebuild. I use pay pal and shipping would be to 38135 Memphis Tenn.
    Thanks for your time.
    Hi Ken. This is Jeff. We met at South Butler I was parked next to Joe with my orange bb duster. Was wondering if you have or could recommend a proper set of torsion bars to raise the front end of my car without compromising the weight transfer or street reliability to terribly bad.


    Hey, I ran across your pic and it brought back memories.... Did I buy a complete rear end off of you 3 years ago?? I believe I met an associate of yours on the highway ( nice old guy in a beat up pickup) and bought a 8 3/4 489 case sure grip 323 complete rear end... Do you remember which car it came out of? rotten frame; 69 gt or gts. You sold engine/trans to another member. Craig
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