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  • Love to take you up on the manifolds if you are still open to providing them. What can I give you for them?
    I'll keep an eye on your radio...the boss said "not right now," I just spent my limit on the OEM Resonator that was listed last week.
    Hay bud you remember that laptop you gave me . Well i was updating it and it messed up . So i took it back to a Prv date and i took it back to far . If you can remember your pass word on it that would be helpful lol
    Does the steering column separate at the coupler or the pin just above the steering box. I haven't been able to do anything to the car today other than spray some nut buster on the lower pin. That is when I wondered about where it does separate.
    Thought I would log in and see what is going on in the Mopar world. Bought 2 new 24" monitors for at home and wanted to try them out. Hope the wheels work out for you. let me know if you want me to haul the wheels form the Spring Fling. Will not be a problem.
    figured you would be the right guy to ask about the intake , seems you have gr8 knowlage . thanks forgetting back to us in a short period . Jon
    i have a M=1 440intake and am wondering what would be at least an inch shorter shorter in hieght ,friend trying to put stock hood on 68 gts
    Thanks for all your input it was the ground . Gassed it and amp meter jumped up instead of down . Have a great year Sir
    that part number was for a headman header.the only thing i know about these is they are small port and were on a 73 challenger.they will fit a bodies but are very close to the torsion bars,john
    Sorry Sir, you are correct, I have had power outages here, will square it away in a few days, thanks, Brooks
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