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  • Do you still rebuild hinges? I have a 69 charger project that needs its hinges rebuilt. Let me know.
    Are you still rebuilding hinges. I have a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door sedan. The hinges appear to be the same as the fronts

    I am currently on crazy back order for hinges and wouldn't be able to get to them until probably Sept. I had a cust drop off a '52 wagon that had a caved in roof and needing an engine swap ect before the 27th of Aug and have been spending all my free time working on that. Once thats done I will be doing hinges again.

    I have 2 prs of hinges from a 69 dart that I would like to have redone, are you still doing the hinges?
    Let me know where to send em and how to pay.
    Hey, i'm looking for the filler panel, like you said it is the piece that attaches right below the grill. I am in Seattle area to, Issaquah as a matter of fact.
    I have a good used set of standard bore 340 pistons from a 1973 cast crank motor..... they are the original 8.5:1 pistons........Give me your e-mail address and I will send you a pic....Paul
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