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  • hello there ,i was wondering you still have gt sport door emblems for a 1969 dart i have a real one i have den restoring if you need or other friends need i have lots of mopar musle car parts i am wanting to sell e body and b body and a body thanks
    I owe you an apology about the b-body heater box. I had looked at the previous post/pictures and figured if he was asking $125, then I could also. After thinking about it, and sleeping on it I was going to change price to 90,due to the crack and door being rusted. But saw you had already found one. But wanted you to know before I post it up in "for sale" and you saw it and felt I was trying to rip you.
    Hello rlcbit, would you sell the A BODY console shift handle alone or do need to keep it all together?
    Hi ricbit, would you be willing to sell the rear end without the drums/shoes?
    Thank you, mario
    Hi ricbit, I responded to your add for the rear end, but still not sure if it will fit. Don’t hold it for me, I am in Toronto, right across the border from Buffalo. It may be difficult for me to bring it over the border into Canada, and doing the math, it would cost $3500 cdn. That’s more than I have to spend at the moment.

    Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you
    Hello ricbit. I understand that you might have a set of exhaust manifolds for sale for an 1969 M-code Cuda or Dart (2863900 & 3462017).
    Is this information correct? What is the asking price of these rare items?

    once in life time finds a 440 block like this one, std bore and perfect. 40 years in storage.....
    Also I have 2 sets of virgin 906 castings.. The block and the heads have been in storage for 40 years. they are in perfect cond!
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