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  • Where are you in Canada? I live in Niagara and run back and forth all of the time to my us post box.
    What were results to wildwood brakes and 14 inch steelies clearance .. send me a im when you get a chance THANKS
    Thanks Doug no hurry kinda messed up atm anyways my mother passed away at 3:15 am this morning
    Hi Don. Yes I still have them. I'm in camp now but I'll get in touch when I get out and get them to you.
    Hi Don. Consider the shocks yours. They are just sitting on the shelf collecting dust along with a ton of other stuff. I'll figure a way to get them to you or maybe leave them with Chris at Mopac.
    Hi Don. I cant send messages with my email so i'll use a-bodies. Drags were real good but very hot. Car wasn't very consistent, went out in the second round with a slow reaction time so I guess I wasn't very consistent either. I hope things work out for you so you can keep the scamp. I have a set of front shocks. Competition engineering
    Hi Don. The red dart with the pro charger won first place in our class and rightly so. Myself, the purple demon beside us and pete with the yellow dart all got second. Tough class but hey we are there to have fun and meet people, the trophies are just a bonus. Sorry to hear about your knee. Your more then welcome to the chair. Let me know how your car comes along.
    Hi Don, so chris talked you into a stroker.I think if you are building a motor any ways it's the only way to go. Johnny is a great guy and awesome engine builder. He did all the machining on mine and Terry's engines. In fact he's doing Terry's engine right now. Terry decided to up grade his rods and pistons and put a bigger cam in. Johnny is doing the machining and putting the crank, rods and piston in and then I will put the rest of the motor together. Chris put my motor together. At the time I was working a lot and just didn't have time to do it. Your going to love the power of the stroker.Any ways they are both good at what they do and stand behind their work.
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