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  • better fit and more power when I was younger if you wanted a fast mopar thorley headers were your secret weapon they also made headers for landy and those guys
    20 years ago my brother in law bought a 440, K&B stroker crank, Hemi rods 400 pistons, It was in a running car, full body charger all interior running 10.2, he brought it home and wanted to put new gaskets in it, he found that the crank has a hair line crack at the snout, it runs up the snout not around it, motor has sit ever since he lost interest in it because of the crack, I got the motor a couple of days ago and want to run it, I feel that the crack can be v-ground and welded then run a lite weight balancer, this same set-up was in hot rod mag back then, and they claimed the motor made 900 foot pounds of tork at 6000 rpm
    Sound like you are the go to man for any questions I may have, I'm still learning alot about big inch mopar strokers. I haope you dont mind if I bug you from time to time about my 512 stroker. Speaking of questions will the wear on the block affect how well the thrust plate works, Should I fill in the worn area or leave it, I can take a pic of it for you so you can get a better idea of what I'm dealing with. I just want it to work and work well without having to break it down every couple of thousand miles.

    hey i wont be around the internet for a few days so if you find that trim or other lenses give me a call 904 626 5055 thanks again
    i also am looking for the lenses for bullet style turn signal indicators i tried to clean mine and upon removal i chipped one so i stopped any way i am sure you know they are the ones that sit on fender and are about size of a nickel
    got my lights yesterday, and very happy ,thank you so much., while taking out afflicted one, it crumbled in my hands thanks again sir.
    Glad to hear that. You need the plastic vaccum canister? If so i wish i had known that before I shipped those parts to you. i have one off a 72. --------Roy
    Package arrived last week everything perfect thank a million. Will be posting again looking for vacuum canisters for my 72 demon and one for the 73 scamp need mounting bracket for that one.
    This is a pic of the block. I forgot does it mount in frt or rear of the frt lug? I can call my engine guy to measure for me.
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