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  • Merry Christmas!! Glad to have you as a member here! I've been following your thread with much interest!! Enjoy!! Geof
    I'll check them out. Photos of others' cars really do help me figure out what is right and what isn't though I'm pretty sure I have at least 90% of the total concept. I draw heavily from knowledge I used to have (and is slowly coming back to me) from when I was a huge fan and owner of a fastback back in my youth. Parting with that car was sadness incarnate but it was unavoidable.
    Anyway, I'm retired from the Army as of a year and a half ago and not having to relocate or deploy every 2 to 3 years, it is once again practical for me to even consider owning such a car. My daughter finsihed college last summer so that's pretty much out of the way. Basically, a lot of stars had to, and did, align for this to happen.
    I'll have to get some pics of the first Barracuda (1987~1992) and incorporate them into the rebuild thread. I did alot of work on that car, too.

    By the way, Teeth = Dan.
    Take care!
    Thanks Teeth. Also see "Getting closer to the finish" and " finally have some pics to show all- Red is home!"
    Wish there was a way to combine threads...got still more "restify" shots of dash, insulation, headliner, etc. not published yet. I make headway around college money for daughter...currently restoring grilles n bezels....and learning as I go.
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