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  • I don't have ceiling in yet but I takes about 20 bucks more to heat a month,i plan on putting in two more heaters,i found the insulation at a great price have 4" in walls and 4" in ceiling seems to work out great hope after ceiling is installed this spring it will only get better,tim
    Dude this is scary.I just noticed we are same age.2 old timers.Thanks again Kevin.
    Sorry, I thought I still had vent windows left. I only have back windows for a fastback left.
    Well his 340 runs good, He cant spin the wheels, once hes going 20 mph its fine, I think he needs a higher stahl he running 323 gears im guessing 325 hp. He has a old stock 340 converter that im trying to tell him not to use, too much work for a guess it might work. He found a place that will build him a 2500 stahl for $225. I said it scares me when things are to cheap but its his money, Im looking for a second opinion and I feel comfortable talking with you. thanks Tom. Oh by the way my 67 never ran as good as now, everything running good with parts that seam to match.
    Hi Tom. The trans will work behind anything. As far as balance goes, since it's a 69', everything will work behind a internally balanced engine. When you mix in a cast crank external balance deal, the converter needing weights or a special flexplate becomes a issue. I've never done any mix & match stuff, so I can't really tell you specific parts/numbers, if that's the case. As far as the cam and stall speed, I've driven several cars with cams and the stock 340 converter, but a cam with more then 225/230*@.050 intake duration can be a little uncomfortable for a driver that's in a lot of idling situations. I never really had a issue neutraling a lot at lights and such, but that was just me. The most aggressive timing that can be run also helps. From a performance standpoint, they all stalled/powerbraked in the 2000rpm range. Not the best for getup and go, but were workable.

    Hope i'm understand what your asking.....lol. Just let me know, Rick
    HI Tom
    Yes i have some 10 inch front brakes two different sets actually. I have backing plates, spindles and possibly some good drums already apart all you would need is a brake lining kit and wheel cylinders. Then i have another set that is complete still on our 69 GTS but i need to check them out to see what kind of shape the drums are in. I am going to sell that set that is still on he car because i have another set with new lining already painted up ready to go on it. Let me know my e-mail is classiccars@nmax.net
    Thanks Wolfie
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