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  • I hope you see this. I see you haven't been around this site in a while. Your inbox is full so I couldn't send a PM. I'm looking for brackets to mount a sanden style compressor to a /6. Preferably early ones (as far as that style compressor is concerned) WITHOUT provisions to mount a smog pump incorporated within said bracketry
    I need both Front frame rails for 1970 a body car I’m not sure if you still have some available or anything but I do need some and if you don’t have any do you know of any other people who do or where to get some
    Wondering if you still have complete 10 inch sbp drum brakes set ups . Looking to upgrade my 67 valiant
    This is a long shot but wondering if you still have front rails for an A body 67to72 Dodge Dart?
    I am in Portland TN and my dad from Michigan were think we would come find your shop. Give me a call or text. 6162186626. I have gotten a few parts for my barracuda from y'all.
    Hi Tony I thought you left. Havn't seen you in a while. Do you have any stainless windshield trim?I only need drivers side top let me know if you break up sets Thanks Jim
    Your show on "Uncle Tony's Garage " ,is ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON ,on the sport's purity of drag racing ,is being killed by big sponsorship, and big corporate, crap....
    That's how I read it ,anyway.
    Thanks !
    I will subscribe ,anywhere I can.
    Thank you!
    The podcast was an experiment that doesn't seem like it has enough potential to sink any more effort into, but we will be doing audio features on the webpage (uncletonysgarage.com)
    And our YouTube page.
    Any help spreading the word is appreciated
    Hello I seen you had a vacuum booster for sale, looking for a 69 barracuda 340 discs in front... can you help me out ?
    would you happen to know where I can find a passenger side fender and a passenger side door for a 66 Barracuda? I also need some suspension parts on that side as well. Thanks! Tony
    Would you happen to have door hinges for drivers side door of a 66 Dodge Dart. Thanks
    I do. $25 each. Shipping would be $8 for one or a pair.
    Thanks for the response. I found some here in Maine. I wasn't expecting to.

    Take care
    You say some good steering boxes $125.00 shipped. If I go with the 24:1 all I would then need is the extension for the shaft correct? This is for a 71 Scamp.
    I'm looking for the shift linkage that goes through the floor with the boot,the bracket that mounts to the tail shaft to support the shaft and the rod to my gear selector for my 70 dart swinger that has a340/727/355 message me back if you can help Thanks
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