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  • Single pulley alternator,...CHEAP... Rock Auto....Part number, 7000112 ,single pulley.. 19 bones,7 bone core. my dual pulley dual field died recently, ..I ordered one... It was MPA ,good stuff.... That 7000-112 is a Lester part number,any good parts man, can find it... KEEP ON ROCKIN' BRUTHA......
    Hello John, my name is Daryl and I'm friends with Mike that you met in Wisconsin at a gas station. He wanted me to tell you that the car here is a 65 Barracuda and he is going to send you pictures soon!
    hey good hearin from yah tim , had a little bad reception , but some bad heat and wicked storms came thru 116 tomorrow with heat index,,
    Hey John, nice randomly bumping into you today. What were the odds of another barracuda driving around Sun Prairie! Glad you turned around, and I'm sure we will meet again.
    So its been a while since I have contacted you but I'm in need of a 66 only barracuda drivers door panel in black must be the best original to replace mine that fell apart under the skin the board fell to pieces if you have one send me a price & pics thanks Jack
    I sent you the money for the mirror. Check and make sure it came through properly. Advice when you will be able to ship mirror for me.
    Please advise if money was sent.
    Tommy Adams
    2250 Willow Bend Drive
    Kernersville, NC 27284
    no hardware needed just 2 screws to hold it I do not have the gasket for under it , but did save the screws from oem . Measurement?
    Did the mirror match the year I am searching for.65. Also I thought there was a plate that attached to the door and the mirror fastened to the plate. Am I thinking about something else.
    Will send money in the morning. Address as well. Hope you have mounting hardware. My barracuda came without a mirror.
    Would you have the mounting hardware for the mirror. My barracuda didn't come with a mirror. Thanks
    Sorry Jon My Phone Died, But here is my Duster. The worse part on the whole car is the lower Quarter.


    just 2 doors . I would look up 340sedan ,he"salways got alot of access to66barracuda and earley a parts. ijust picked up a 3"91 chunk goin in thursday i hope . then back surgery on nov.11 hope all goes well
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