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  1. bvt69dart

    [Found!] Rallye Wheel Centers & Trim Rings

    Looking for (2) each LBP bullet nose centers and trim rings.
  2. bvt69dart

    [Found!] A-body rear end

    Sorry, I'm in the Denver Metro area.
  3. bvt69dart

    [Found!] A-body rear end

    Looking for an 8 1/4" or 8 3/4" rear end complete to install in my '69 Valiant. Thanks for the post!
  4. bvt69dart

    [SOLD] Breather Cap

    Thanks Tony & FABO.
  5. bvt69dart

    [SOLD] Breather Cap

    I need the original style breather cap for a '67 318. (no nipples) Price shipped to 80122. Thanks.
  6. bvt69dart

    Rallye wheel center caps & trim rings

    I'm looking to buy a new set of bullit nose rallye center caps & trim rings.(set of 4) for 14" - 5 on 41/2" wheels. Please post or PM me with your suggestions. Thanks FABO!
  7. bvt69dart

    steering coupler

    Is it just me, or does everyone think Grumpuscreature's answers are RIGHT ON!
  8. bvt69dart

    WTB Hub caps

    I'm looking for (4) Dodge dog dish hubcaps. With red stripe around center emblem. Either very nice, or new condition please. Thanks.
  9. bvt69dart

    Dust seal inspection cover

    Does anyone have a cover plate for the TC on an small block 904 they want to sell? Please email or PM me. I have included a picture of the dust seal with the missing cover. Thanks, Brock
  10. bvt69dart

    8 3/4 A Body Axles

    Thanks everyone, I've purchased a set of axles. This web-site ROCKS. Brock
  11. bvt69dart

    8 3/4 A Body Axles

    I'm trying to find one SBP A body axle for my '69 Dart. Can anyone help me? This site is awesome. When I'm on it, the time flies by! My email address is Thanks, Brock