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  1. Tincup

    69 Dart door jam question

    Looks like you should get a couple of these repair panels...
  2. Tincup

    Played a joke on my customer.

    Just wire the brake light switch to the horn....
  3. Tincup

    Project Riddler's Ride - 1976 Plymouth Duster

    This baby is not done yet ??? LoL Looks good...
  4. Tincup

    For anyone wanting to convert the A body from 5x4 over to 5x4.5

    That's a cool car in your Sig, that yours?
  5. Tincup

    Tincup's 63 Dart w/5.7 Hemi

    Yup, still have it. A little over 15,000miles. I changed it up a little last year with a vinyl wrap, came out great, I really think it fits the car very well, so did Dave Kindig, when he picked it as his favorite at the 2017 Adirondack Nationals ( out of 1800 cars ). It's still for sale if...
  6. Tincup

    Supercharged 6.4L in a 64 Valiant

    Looking Good.....Just an FYI, I do have a power rack in mine, no issues with fitment.
  7. Tincup

    viper engine

  8. Tincup

    viper engine

    Hey Guy's, The covers Leanna is doing are mine, I'm putting a gen 3 Viper in a 67 Dodge D100. I've attached a link to the build if anyone is interested. Tincup's D100
  9. Tincup

    Powersteering Pump

    You have to use a low pressure pump (Ford) all the Chrysler ones have too much pressure.
  10. Tincup

    Supercharged 6.4L in a 64 Valiant

    Nice Job......
  11. Tincup

    Best year of mopar trucks?

    Here's what mine will look like when it's done.....
  12. Tincup

    tintable undercoating?

    Raptor Liner
  13. Tincup

    Pro Touring 10K

    Looking Good......
  14. Tincup

    5.7 hemi swap wiring question

    You can purchase the complete dodge ram 1500 service manual on CD for less that $20 on Ebay. This has all the wiring information you would need.
  15. Tincup

    [ATTENTION] FABO Needs Hi Res Photos of your Mopar!

    What the heck, here's mine...
  16. Tincup

    Anyone going to Syracuse

    Largest show on the east coast, last year 8300 cars. They also have an Auto cross.
  17. Tincup

    Stock or reduced temp thermostat?

    I'm running a 180* in mine.
  18. Tincup

    Anyone going to Syracuse

    My first time going, should be a blast.....:burnout:
  19. Tincup


    Have fun at Carlisle, I'm not going this year, going to Syracuse instead. Hopefully we''ll see you at Lake George.
  20. Tincup

    LS power steering pumps for low pressure

    Should be using a Ford ( low pressure ) pump with a power rack ( most are mustang 2 ). Speedway motors sells a nice GM style, but low pressure pump.
  21. Tincup

    Re-wiring the car. Who's wiring kit?

    Hey Mike, All my grounds are done the same way. Run two 8 gauge wires, one front and one back, then just tie all your grounds( lights, etc ) to that wire. Ground the two 8 gauge somewhere to the firewall, and also tie that to the engine block. Ground your battery to the engine block. You can...
  22. Tincup

    Oil pressure gauge - hotwire harness

    I did a similar setup. There should be an extra wire in the HW harness to hook up to the dash gauge.
  23. Tincup

    Hemi Continues to quit at Speed.

    Latest update.....Just came back from Goodguy's in springfield, ma. 2.5 hour trip, 140 miles, non stop at 70mph, no issues. Temperature was a little cooler than I would have liked 75 -80deg. I'm not ready to call it fixed yet, but things are looking better....
  24. Tincup

    Hemi Continues to quit at Speed.

    The warm weather is starting to roll back in, so we will see if I fixed my problem from last year. Here is a list of things I changed from last year, New fuel pump New fuel filter New fuel pump relay grounded fuel tank to chassis New Cam position sensor New crank position sensor New plugs New...
  25. Tincup

    Engine Temp

    That's what I did, drill & tap the pipe plug to fit the sender ( I didn't want it sticking out too far with adapters.)
  26. Tincup

    Garage Floor Paint

    Sherwin Williams Armor Seal Been on my floor for 2 years now, including, my scissor lift riding back and forth on it, no issues.
  27. Tincup

    is it wrong to take a apart a perfect srt for its drivetrain?

    The big question is can you use 6K worth of parts off the Magnum. The engine is easy, the tranny is not so easy, it's a Nag 1 so not easy to make work, but it can be done. The rear is a fully independent, so a ton of fab work to make it fit, plus I'm sure it is going to be too wide to fit in a...
  28. Tincup

    Gen III Hemi Swap Questions

    There is no reason not to use the DBW. I have it in my Dart and it is great, you can't tell the difference. ( I did have a 05 Magnum RT with it, and it did have a hesitation )
  29. Tincup

    Re-wiring the car. Who's wiring kit?

    I used American Auto in my dart, very happy with it. One thing to consider, is running a separate ground wire instead of grounding to the body. Almost all electrical issues are a result of bad grounds. I used a heavy (8 ga.) wire, start at the rt front headlight and splice in all your grounds...
  30. Tincup

    6.2 hellcat crate motor

    Everything evolves with time. We now have computers, smart phones, flat screen TV's and even electric cars. The 340 was a great engine in it's day, but it's day is long gone, it's the day of the new Hemi's. The only reason I would even consider using a 340 was if it was some sort of collectible...