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  1. 383Duster

    Got a win last night at little river

    Congrats….did you order a jacket or take the credit at Summit?
  2. 383Duster

    Laverne Ferrouillat

    I saw him run at the track in Atmore Alabama about 8 years ago….5.25 Out of the trailer…nice guy
  3. 383Duster

    Going Rounds in Stock at Winternationals

    Cool …… sounds like you are still having fun
  4. 383Duster

    1972 Dodge Colt

    Well that sucks….
  5. 383Duster

    1972 Dodge Colt

    See you guys on Sunday….
  6. 383Duster

    My Luck

    Glad to see this thread revived It would be nice to know if why the original disappeared…
  7. 383Duster

    Finally getting headlights for the bracket car

    You will need them at Little River in Temple this year.
  8. 383Duster

    Pro style decals

    2 layer….sharp Duster
  9. 383Duster

    Sometimes people get what they ask for.

    The Darwin Nationals…?
  10. 383Duster

    Long Time Lurker...Finally Got My Demon!

    Welcome from Texas Lot’s of good info here
  11. 383Duster

    Morning feeding time

    That’s quite a collection
  12. 383Duster

    Mopar Mini Nationals

    I am glad we moved the show from Labor Day…the heat was killing us
  13. 383Duster

    Cat Pics

    One of the best cats I’ve had…the golden doodle is my wifes..
  14. 383Duster

    Mopar Mini Nationals

    I didn’t bring it….needs a little work and it was too hot this summer to work on it
  15. 383Duster

    Anyone near Edmond, Oklahoma

    1badfish67 lives in Oklahoma
  16. 383Duster

    Mopar Mini Nationals

    Nice to see you and the Colt…looking good
  17. 383Duster

    I’m guessing this is to slow the Mopars down

    What a steaming shovel full….
  18. 383Duster

    Time to go racing again!

    Good luck…put em all on their trailers
  19. 383Duster

    She looks tired

    Damn it….I knew better than to click on this…
  20. 383Duster

    'Someday' finally happened

    Nice wagon, have fun
  21. 383Duster

    New Guy!

    Welcome from Dallas
  22. 383Duster

    Hello fellow a bodies

    Welcome from Dallas
  23. 383Duster

    Repairs made, ready to go racing again!

    See you there Sunday morning
  24. 383Duster

    Next up races.

    Living the dream…have fun
  25. 383Duster

    1972 Dodge Colt

    I have used Mike around 25 years….he has built some cool hot rods over the years, he built that dragster on his card, it was street legal. He also built a 2 seater winged sprint car that was street legal….His health is declining unfortunately.
  26. 383Duster

    38th Annual Mopar Nationals Woodburn, OR