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    1973 Duster cowl and Hood pinstripes - Scoop?

    I have a 73 Twister Duster that came with them they are non functional
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    Your Favorite Abody

    Still have my 74 Duster 47 years this year bought in 75 from original owner.
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    anyone have a Summit discount code

    summit has a veterans discount same as pro shop discount
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    What is your car's rarest option?

    1973 Twister Duster space duster fold down back seat with factory hood scoops.
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    8" Spragless converter?

    It stalls to 5500 engine makes 860hp I've never driven it on the street. Call TSI and talk to them about your combination . I know thy can help you out and answer all your questions
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    8" Spragless converter?

    Have one of their spragless in my 8 second drag car best move I ever made after braking 2 sprags and ruining the tranny
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    Anyone have a space duster?

    I have 2 ones a 73 the other a 74 don't know about the production numbers
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    Extremely Rare and Cool Special Edition Packages

    I must be old I remember all of them when they were brand new. Tom
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    Anybody have a Truxedo TruXport tonneau cover?

    I have one on my 1/2ton, it works great and easy to use. I'd recomend it to everyone. I bought it at Rydell's, just talk to Vic. Tom
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    Mopar race Cedarfalls Ia

    Mopar only race, swap meet and car show Sept. 24 & 25 .Check for more info. Hope to see some of you there.
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    memike's Monster Mopar Weekend thread

    Mike and Jeff thanks for posting the pics of the car. My wife and I always look forward to this mopar event and meeting more people in the mopar family.It was great to meet daredevil and talking with Bill,Mike,Jeff and other members.On friday the car made the best pass ever 9.07 at 151.48 mph it...
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    ? about dodge ram 2500 v-10

    I have a 96 dually with a v10 that I bought in 98 and have never had any trouble with it. Tows great and gets 15mpg on the highway when not towing. Never heard of the head gasket problem before.
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    Merry Christmas to me : Summit order came today

    Hey Mike looks like you've got a good start on your winter project. You have any questions ,give me a call . I'm cutting the stock front end off the racecar this winter and welding on a strut front end so I think we'll both be busy. Good Luck with your project. Tom
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    guys help me fast

    I hauled my duster on a 14ft. trailer for 20yrs. no problem, unless you mean a 14ft. enclosed trailer that would be a problem.
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    Anybody Going to St. Louis Monster Mopar Weekend???

    Small Block, I went 9.12 at 149.70 mph in some good air. I'm going to work on the car this winter and see if I can get that first run in the 8's. Tom
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    Anybody Going to St. Louis Monster Mopar Weekend???

    If any of you are interested in reading about my 74 duster go to feb. of 07 the title is (30 years to an 8-second duster).
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    How many members go to Monster Mopar Weekend???

    My wife and I will definitly be there next year, but we will be racing. Hope to meet up with more of you. It has always been a great time. If anyone is interested in reading more about my 74 DUSTER check out feb.of 07 (30 years to an 8-second duster ).
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    Anybody Going to St. Louis Monster Mopar Weekend???

    Jeff, sorry you didn't find me in the pits. I was doing alot of running around visiting with people. I'll look for you again next year, hopefully we're both walking better. Sorry it took so long to answer, our computer was down . Tom
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    Anybody Going to St. Louis Monster Mopar Weekend???

    my wife and i wouldn't miss it.we'll be there thurs. afternoon. we'll be racing our black 74 duster in super pro. hope to meet all of you. we're from waterloo ia. tom & vicki roschen
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    Duster guys- what year do you have?

    i have a 74 360 duster, bought it from the original owner in 1975. still has factory paint and strips.also have 75 dart sport slant 6 with ac all original.