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    225 turbo headers

    Check out they can build anything you can fab. They built a set for my big block duster, look awesome. Good luck with your project.Tom
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    Wanted,A904 Deep Tranny Pan

    Give Todd Miller a call at 641-228-5682. I bought a 727 pan for $70.00 from him last year,it is a very nice piece and comes with all the hardware.Tom
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    Oil Additives Solid Cam??

    I've been using Motor Oil Additive or MOA made by BG products for years in my 9sec. racecar and daily drivers with great results. Bearings and lifters look like new when I freshened the motor in the racecar. Good Luck with what ever you use. Tom
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    Exhuast ?????

    I have split headers with X-pipe, 2 1/4 in. dual exhaust and Thrush 2chamber mufflers. Sounds awsome, like a V8 and the car runs great. Have fun with your project. Tom
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    /6 Winner

    It was a 1/4 mi. race, I was dialed 18.70 and went 18.680 but the chevy was dialed 13.00 and went 12.964 that gave me the win because he broke out worse. Felt great to see the win light come on! Thanks to everyone.Tom
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    /6 Winner

    Sat. I took my /6 75 dart sport to the drag strip for the first time since last oct. and won the trophy class. MY best pass was a 18.68 at 74.88 mph. beating out several chevies running 12sec. and faster, I even beat a 9sec. crotchrocket. I received numerous thumbs up and cheers from the crowd...
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    /6 single or dual exhaust?

    I have dual exhaust from the headers back ,just like a v8. The part number for the mufflers is 17655, they are about $35.00 each.
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    /6 single or dual exhaust?

    I have headers with 2 1/4 duals and thrush welded 2 chamber mufflers. Sounds like a V8 below 2500 rpm . Have gotten alot of complimence on the sound. Good luck with your project. Tom