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  1. rklein383

    360 vs 383

    I would presume this comparison between a 360 and 383 would have similar compression ratios, cam, etc. to base a decent comparison.
  2. rklein383

    360 vs 383

    I had a 71 340 Cuda and my best friend had a 383 Super Bee, similar hop ups. We raced many times and although my car with a four speed and better handling was funner to drive. His Bee would consistently be a car length or two faster than mine. I would say they were close enough in power that I...
  3. rklein383

    NHL 23-24

    Avs and Stars to go at it next round!
  4. rklein383

    NHL 23-24

    My Avs really had me nervous at the end of the season and the first game against the tough Jets. I just wasn't confident that they had it in them. Man, they really poured it on the last four games. Feeling much better about my team. Go Avs!
  5. rklein383

    6 pack style air cleaner on a 4bbl

    My 440+6 in my 69 383-s fastback.
  6. rklein383

    Small bolt pattern American torque thrust T70R rims

    I searched long and hard for mine.
  7. rklein383

    Pop pop on exhaust side

    I had a spark plug wire that would occasionally get partially burned through. Started popping randomly as well. New plug wire and problem was fixed. Sometimes it is the easy stuff that causes problems.
  8. rklein383

    To Sell or Part Out my 68 Formula S Barracuda?

    Shipping costs are terrible, they will really take out your profit margin.
  9. rklein383

    What's the best way to find a dead cylinder?

    Compression check will give you an indication of engine health for starters.
  10. rklein383

    where to purchase template to drill flywheel

    I am not going to argue with Mr. Brewer! I think those weights are for the flywheel sold by 440 Source though and not a cast flywheel as stated by Mr. Brewer.
  11. rklein383

    where to purchase template to drill flywheel

    Option 3: Flywheel Balance Weight - Cast Crank
  12. rklein383

    Rust guidance

    SEMA makes a product called RustMort that works really well to prep metal. Turns the red rust into a block oxide layer that is then painted over. Ihave prepped metal that I waited months to paint and it was still great.
  13. rklein383

    Small block idler pulley

    Looked up the info, hoping for the best. None of the pictures of the pulley setups matched the situation I have. I believe all the engines had power steering so that didn't help much. I have an idler arm bracket and pulley already that does not appear to be a Mopar item as there are no part...
  14. rklein383

    Small block idler pulley

    I don't have any paperwork for this car, so what it came with originally is impossible to tell. My dad owned the car for 15 years or so and was like that when he bought it. It is possible it was converted to manual steering for header clearance, I don't know.
  15. rklein383

    Small block idler pulley

    Come on guys, manual steering does not have a power steering pump.
  16. rklein383

    Small block idler pulley

    I have a small block 74 Cuda with AC and manual steering. It has a redneck engineered idler pully in place of the power steering pump pulley. Does anyone have a picture of the stock idler pulley bracket for a small block they can share with me, preferably a picture on the engine would be helpful.
  17. rklein383

    Column shift auto to 4 speed?

    When I converted my column, I found a floor shift steering column from a mid-eighties truck to rob the collars from, the ignition lock was slightly different on the inside, but looks exactly the same as a E-body one when assembled. I have also seen where a person cut the nub off the column...
  18. rklein383

    Can an Engine run on an engine test stand with a Holly sniper FI unit?

    I agree, throw a known good carb on it for the break in.
  19. rklein383

    Post your Garage wall decor

    74 360 Cuda
  20. rklein383

    Engine compartment pics

    440+6 I had in my 69 383-S.
  21. rklein383

    LED bulbs last ten years, yeah right

    My LED bulbs have been failing just as fast as incandescent. They are Walmart cheapies, maybe that is the problem. Anybody else having the same problem?
  22. rklein383

    Where Are All The Pre 2010 Members

    rklein383 Well-Known Member Joined Dec 2, 2005
  23. rklein383

    US Car Tool Torque Boxes and Sub Frame Connectors Install

    I stich welded my subframe connectors in. Did 1" welds every few inches along both sides and fully welded the ends. The car stiffness is amazing now. I see no advantage of welding the entire length except for making you feel good.
  24. rklein383

    An ACTUAL "crescent hammer"

    As a former Navy Machinist Mate, I always called them Crescent Hammers.
  25. rklein383

    An ACTUAL "crescent hammer"

    Is it left handed or right handed?
  26. rklein383

    [Found!] Thumb Dial Radio

    WTB thumb dial radio for a 67 Barracuda to fill the dash, not working okay, needs to look good.
  27. rklein383

    JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!!! It's ALL just JUNK!

    Going to the junkyard just isn’t the same anymore…
  28. rklein383

    Project 78

    Although powder coating was a mid-forties invention, I don't think it was widely used by American car manufacturers back in 1978.
  29. rklein383

    Favorite Non-Mopar

    Another top favorite.
  30. rklein383

    Project 78

    Gotta luv it! I had a 79 4x4 Power Wagon and a 78 4x4 truck as well. Sure miss them.