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  1. moparsegura

    [SOLD] 69 Barracuda Formula S Gas Cap
  2. moparsegura

    put in 8 3/4, now have vibration

    Agree!! I had the same problem...was the drive shaft!
  3. moparsegura

    67 cuda rear end swap and front disc brakes...please help

    What rear end do you have?? I had a 8 3/4 and I sent my axles to Moser and they welded/re-drilled the axles to the 4.5 bp.
  4. moparsegura

    What should I run?

    1.9's 60 ft. is pretty good. How much motor do you have?? That's a pretty good 60ft for such a crappy gear.
  5. moparsegura

    Good quality fuel pump ? or is there any Diffe

    Put you a Holley blue on that thing..... And for voltage change over to a 100 amp alt. Gonna need that fuel pressure when we spray the juice to it :)
  6. moparsegura

    New street demon carb.

    I've got one on the shelf.....there nothing special. Might as well just get a Holley. There almost the same thing anyway. I wasn't impressed with it. Run it and now it's on the shelf and the Holley 650 is back on.
  7. moparsegura

    A day at the track with FABO friends

    Good pics Mike....It looks better in the pics than real life :) Good to catch up with ya and were ready to make that trip down there again. You show them what that 170 will, If ya want to spray some power in it we can do that to!! :)
  8. moparsegura

    A day at the track with FABO friends

    Good to meet ya....again mike. That was my 69 Cuda. We had a good day there and watched some good racing
  9. moparsegura

    727 deep pan with filter and plug

    Not trying to bust your balls.....but there only 27.99 new shipped on e-bay. May have to adjust the price a little??
  10. moparsegura

    wtt My 1968 Sport Satellite for 1969 Dart

    Mopar for a T/A???????? Bad trade on your part...even if it was rusty. Those cars are only good too cut up and send to the circle track.
  11. moparsegura

    1969 Barracuda park lamps??

    They are two different part numbers....I don't have any grills or parts so really don't know what there supposed to look like??
  12. moparsegura

    1969 Barracuda park lamps??

    I just scored a set of park lamps at Monster Mopar at Indianapolis. Are these the same left and right?? One is stamped 2930490 and the other is stamped 2930491.
  13. moparsegura

    Is This "Blasphemy" ??

    Your best bet is to just sell me the scoop :)
  14. moparsegura

    Monster Mopar Weekend @ Indianapolis

    I'm having trouble finding Hotels close to the track!! Any body have any leads on a place to stay with decent rates for Friday and Saturday night??
  15. moparsegura

    340 Valves

    hmmmm...... I was just looking at those valves myself. Seem to be advertised as good stuff. Hope someone knows a little bout theses. I'm wanting to order the same set.
  16. moparsegura

    Happy BD to memike!!

    Happy Birthday man!!
  17. moparsegura

    383 in 68 Dodge Dart? new build

    Go with the 360....makes all the power you will want for the street and will be a lot easier to find. Tons of parts available for it and exhaust shouldn't be to big of a problem.
  18. moparsegura

    2 A bodies wanted

    wow....that was fast. what ya get?
  19. moparsegura

    Exhaust Cutout Caps

    make your own.....hell of a lot cheaper!!!
  20. moparsegura

    69 barracuda fastback

    Sweet ride.....more pics would be awesome!
  21. moparsegura

    Valiant Sedan Delivery

  22. moparsegura

    Worth $1800? it and sell me the grills cheap too!!! :)
  23. moparsegura

    Wiring troubles ????

    Brake switch!!
  24. moparsegura

    Victoria Got Struck by Lightening!!!

    please tell me the car is ok!!!
  25. moparsegura

    Another... How dumb is this kid.. post

    Air or electric impact is the best way!
  26. moparsegura

    Pulleys needed!!

    Thanks Joe!!
  27. moparsegura

    Pulleys needed!!

    1971 360. no ac, the crank and water pump pulleys I have now are some mix matched crap. They don't line up right with the alt.
  28. moparsegura

    Pulleys needed!!

    I just switched from power to manual steering. I need a set of pulleys. Crank and water pump to, 2 groove I think. Any body got a set on the cheap??
  29. moparsegura

    hub stuck in drum

    Heat that thing up with the torch!!