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  1. mehansen81

    [WANTED] Plymouth Duster Trunk Lid - For 1973 or same.

    I have one that needs a bit of work on the outer lip. PM me and I can text you some photos. 30 minutes north of Milwaukee, WI.
  2. mehansen81

    [WANTED] WTB: Duster Doors, Hood, Left Fender, Deck Lid

    Hello, Looking for some really clean parts, otherwise I will just try to repair mine. Located in the greater Milwaukee, WI area (30 minutes north) - willing to ship or pickup, whatever is logical time vs money. Priority: 1) 1973 Doors 2) 1973 Drivers Side Fender 3) 1973 Hood 4) 1973 Deck Lid...
  3. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] Duster Deck Trunk Lid

    Off a 73 Duster and has center ridge. Should fit all year dusters, dart sports or demons. Driver quality, some peeling seam sealer and rust in the seam for the outer skin. See pictures. Has been repainted and appears to have a bit of filler in the right rear corner that is bubbling. Would...
  4. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] Rare "Feather Duster" Lite Weight Hood Nice Shape! $575. OBO

    Do you have a really good left front fender for a 73 duster also?
  5. mehansen81

    [WANTED] 1973 Duster Deck Lid, Hood, Driver Fender, Doors

    Bump - really need that deck lid ASAP. About to start fitting AMD rear quarters with an NOS taillight panel and AMD rear crossmember. This ought to be fun!
  6. mehansen81

    [Found!] V8 K-Member

    Found and purchased!
  7. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] Bucket Seats - Duster

    Very interesting! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case. The car had a “restoration” in the 80s - work was definitely pretty shoddy.
  8. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] A727 Small Block Transmission - Core

    This came out of a 1973 340 Duster. The car was semi running, but I never drove it. Transmission fluid was new/clean when I pulled it. I’d consider this a core for rebuild purposes. Converting the car to manual after it’s restoration. $200 pickup in Cedarburg, WI
  9. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] Bucket Seats - Duster

    These came out of a 73 duster. Not sure if they are correct or not. They are all there, definitely need restoration. $100/pair or trade for a bench seat Pickup in Cedarburg, WI
  10. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] Front Frame Rails

    Solid set of frame rails however they have cracks around k-member attachment points. These would be great for someone who needs to cut out some patches. I bought these off another member about a year ago and unfortunately discovered the cracks after receiving them - I don’t believe they are...
  11. mehansen81

    [WANTED] 1973 Duster Deck Lid, Hood, Driver Fender, Doors

    Hello, Looking for some really clean parts - if I can't find any I'll end up cleaning up and or patching what I have. Located in WI - can pickup within a couple hour drive. Priority: 1) 1973 Deck Lid 2) 1973 Drivers Side Fender 3) 1973 Hood 4) 1973 Doors Cash or trade - have a lot of A body...
  12. mehansen81

    [Found!] V8 K-Member

    Hello, Looking for a good later/spool type mount V8 K-member. Milwaukee, WI area. Matt
  13. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] 74 scamp v8 car

    messaged re k member
  14. mehansen81

    [SOLD] 1972 Plymouth Duster no motor or transmission

    interested, tried sending you a message but your inbox is full.
  15. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] 1973 Duster project

    how are the inner/outer rockers and front/rear frame rails?
  16. mehansen81

    [FOR SALE] A-Body Lower Door Hinges

    These will need rebuilding so I’d consider these to be cores or for parts. The passenger side has a small crack where the spring is retained. Nothing is seized. See pictures. $40/pair plus shipping
  17. mehansen81

    [Found!] Duster Front Frame Rails

    Still looking for options closer to the midwest (Wisconsin).
  18. mehansen81

    [SOLD] AMD Front Floor Half Pans - Left & Right side

    Resolved - sorry! I am buying/selling a few things and spent the weekend in the shop so I am way behind on messages.
  19. mehansen81

    [SOLD] PST Polygraphite Leaf Spring Bushings POLY52104

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Leftover from a past build. New in unopened package. PST part number: POLY52104 For 1.5" diameter front eye leaf springs, check you application here: Polygraphite Rear Leaf Spring Bushing Set $65 shipped? $55 cash in Cedarburg, WI for pickup.
  20. mehansen81

    [Found!] Duster Front Frame Rails

    Message sent. Concerned about logistics. Shipping a whole front clip will not be cost effective, and WI to PA is about 850mi - probably too far to drive and get them.
  21. mehansen81

    [SOLD] AMD Front Floor Half Pans - Left & Right side

    Brand new unused (no longer have the cardboards boxes however). Bought these before the car went off to chemical dip and upon return I discovered I need a full floor pan. Auto Metal Direct part numbers: 405-1267-R 405-1267-L Fits: 70 - 74 Plymouth Duster 71 - 72 Dodge Demon 67 - 69 Plymouth...
  22. mehansen81

    1973 Plymouth Duster Build

    Well as the story goes - this car is definitely a bit rougher than I expected. I am super impressed by how clean the shell got from the dipping process at Restoration Specialists. A couple unexpected patches and minor rot spots were found, so definitely more work than I expected ahead of me...
  23. mehansen81

    [SOLD] 1972 Gold Duster part out

    how are the front frame rails?
  24. mehansen81

    [Found!] Duster Front Frame Rails

    Hi All - looking for a favor. Looking for a set of front frame rails for a 1973 Duster project. Ideally they would have the shock tower, but I can work without that if necessary. I believe these should be common across many years of A-bodies so again, I am open to options. I previously...
  25. mehansen81

    1973 Plymouth Duster Build

    Alright - the Duster is back from chemical stripping and it looks great! The service and quality from Restoration Specialists for their work was absolutely top notch. Highly recommend to anyone looking to do a project like this. They hit the mid point of the time and cost estimates. This day in...
  26. mehansen81

    1973 Plymouth Duster Build

    No major updates here, the 73 is still in the queue for getting stripped before all the sheet metal work begins and is expected back before the end of the calendar year. In the interim we have been focused on the next phase 66 Satellite project - all new PST suspension components, poly-graphite...