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    Free Nascar Motor racing schedule.
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    Pain Relief - Vertex

    I didn't add this to my CBD or Stock Market Thread in case those that can use this info may miss it in those threads. Vertex Pharmaceuticals VRTX announced positive results from three late-stage studies on its investigational orally-administered non-opioid pain medicine, VX-548, to treat...
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    Whidbey Island Thunder Jets ?

    I live on Vancouver Island at the entrance to Puget Sound. For years we occasionally get these really huge sounds like thunder, but way steady and long lasting. I have always wondered, and it's often discussed in our media, but never really answered. Do you guys have any B-52s or other noisy...
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    New Addition to our Disney Family Zoo

    Woke up to a new member to our Disney family . The Bambi, not the project under the tarp, lol There's about a dozen squirrels there too . My car is waiting for a wet sand and stripe .
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    Stock Market

    ORCL broken out, sheesh, Josh Brown on CNBC called that a coupla weeks ago, shoulda listened, he's right so often. He's made me a lotta $$$ . Consider recording "Fast Money" just to listen to his level thoughts . Cheers
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    Security Camera Software .

    I got a "light-bulb" security cam for Xmas, downloaded the software only to find they want $180 a yr for whatever.I researched and found another software, but it was full of ads (rofl) and didn't function, replay, etc are all screwed. Does anyone use a software that they really like ? I don't...
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    I'm Buying a lottery ticket .

    I dug out my Engine Manual to find the limit a small block can be bored (.060) Opened the mega page manual to arbitrary page, that hadn't been open before. IT WAS THE PAGE with spec I needed. Holy Crap !
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    Done it and Won it !

    We actually done it, won the trophy dash, fast heat, set a new track record, won the Main Event . Won the Championship and have the Hardware ! Not a Mopar, but it is a very quick Hemi ! Jason Day - Championship?!?! Holy crap we won the...
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    Burnout comparison.

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    How EVs are going to tow rigs, 5th wheels, and get mileage.

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    Bank Secured Internet/Interact Money Transfer - $ 1.00

    I was recently introduced to internet money transfer from my bank, I received 2 payment for a trans, flawless, totally secure, costs a buck ($1 - 1.50). It's received by e-mail, I was dubious and phoned bank and police, and was assured it 100% okay.. It's way cheaper thap PPal, and is easier...
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    43rd Anniversary, Absolutely Amazing

    My wife and I are the last surviving "couple" of our group of after high school friends.. I've been so lucky to have found the perfect wife.. We've had maybe 15 fights/arguments thru our relationship, most about the businesses, the rest because I was drunk and unreasonable. The futures...
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    Remington Mod 700 recall

    If you own a Remington Model 700,, there is a recall and free repair, because they will fire without the trigger being pulled.. A judge stopped proceedings because only a few thousand of a few million guns have been "repaired". I'm not a gun guy, so here's a link for the whole story...
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    CRTC to mandate pick and pay TV service..

    Media is reporting that the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission is going to mandate pick and pay vs bundles of channels.. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is set to unveil new rules governing how cable and satellite service providers package and...
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    Autoclub Race, Danica wipes out who??.. when??

    Wonder which lap Danica's take out her latest victim..
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    Highest Gas Prices in North America

    Our Morning News,, just announce that Vancouver and the surrounding cities of Surrey and 3 more, have the highest prices in North America. $1.44 a litre.. approx $5.80 a U.S. gallon for REGULAR...
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    GREAT GUY ALERT !!! - Inkjunkie, please help me repay him..

    I advertised the need for just a clutch pedal, so I could go back to 4-spd... Well inkjunkie had it, and sent it, and wouldn't take a dime, even paid shipping.. Major Thanks INKJUNKIE,, Well,, I asked him what he needed, and he mentioned A-pillars for a 69 Dart, I thought I might have a...
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    Warning !!! KNUXWAKO is a thief..

    KNUXWAKO (aka DAVID SULLIVAN) ripped me off for a $100. for some tailpipe tips,, gave excuse his mother died, and a dozen other excuses over a coupla months,, so I finally gave up... but I just got a PM from another member, 66340SEDAN, he was ripped $250 for a fibreglass hood,.. the excuse...
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    42 years later, Honest

    When I was but a lad, 1969, I installed headers on my 340 Dart, took all the old nuts a bolts, and threw in my "one of everything" box...I'm now putting it back to stock, bought proper exhaust manifolds,, and during sleep a coupla nites ago,, flashed on this "one of everything" box that used to...