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  1. Inertia

    ENGINE PLACEMENT - FOOTNOTE #39 - link died.

    The TTI Engine Placement link died . "Footnote #39" Does anyone have an alternate link, or possibly post a screenshot if saved. Shoulda done it myself. Thank-you .
  2. Inertia


    Last Nov. I was involved in an 833 imput leak, that went on and on, I mentioned the snap ring issue 2nd post cuz of experience. I also was going into great detail about how rocker shaft oiling occurred in two "squirts" - every two (2) crankshaft rotations, - for the second time in a coupla...
  3. Inertia

    Getting home with broken axle....

    My son was out 4x4ing last nite in his Cherokee.. A few miles out in the bush,, he twisted off a left rear axle, this is one of the "C" clip axles that'll slide right out.. With a little creativity,, he fabbed up an axle/wheel retainer, to get him to the road,, and got a friend to bring him...
  4. Inertia

    Highest Gas Prices in North America

    Our Morning News announced Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,,..and 4 surrounding Ciries have the highest prices in North America $1.44 a litre.., approx $5.80 a U.S. gallon, REGULAR... sheesh
  5. Inertia

    Money Order Help Please ?

    Hi Folks, I have a problem with a Canadian Postal Money order, that I sent to a member, in Texas,.. He can't seem to find a place to cash it.. He says his Credit Union wants $25 to process it.. And he say nobody will take it cuz its Canadian,, even though it's in US funds, and a Canadian...
  6. Inertia

    "Bounty" for Ma Mopar Codes

    Hey Folks . I’ve been reading threads involving putting the new computer engines in an older car, - and from what I understand, Ma Mopar won’t make the computer codes avail., like other wanna - be manufacturers do.. - soo… being an old gearhead, I ’m wondering if some...
  7. Inertia

    Great Shipping Container for Dash & Grilles

    I bought a dash pad from cuda66, Paul, and he came up with a pretty brilliant container for shipping long stuff. It's HEAVY duty cardboard tubing used to pour concrete in, to make pillars. 6 ft. high wet concrete puts tremendous weight on the bottom, so it's gotta be strong.. Reading all the bad...