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  1. autopar3000

    [SOLD] 1971 Dart fuel tank

    Hey guys, EDIT: I have added pictures in post #5. $20 CAD for a tank, straps, filler neck grommet, and sending unit. Please see the classified ad for detail and pictures: Mopar A Body Fuel Tank | Other Parts & Accessories | Mississauga / Peel Region | Kijiji I have a fuel tank for sale. The...
  2. autopar3000

    [FOR SALE] Modern Mopar body emblems

    Hi all, The Est 1914 badges have sold. I've removed them from the individual pics.
  3. autopar3000

    [FOR SALE] Modern Mopar body emblems

    Thanks, they'll be shipping tomorrow. I'll provide shipment details in our PM conversation. I will edit the original post to remove them from offer.
  4. autopar3000

    [FOR SALE] Modern Mopar body emblems

    I have a bunch of brand new emblems from current (or recent) Mopars. These are all on the factory backing and ready to stick on to whatever you want to stick them to. I got these from a neighbour that worked in the plant in Brampton, ON where they build Chargers and Challengers. Please note...
  5. autopar3000

    [SOLD] $5.00 parts sale

    Is that a driver's side door handle? If so, I'm on board for that thing.
  6. autopar3000

    70-71 dart tail light housings

    I need these, so I'm in. I'll send you a PM in a minute, the baby is crying and I have to go help her out.
  7. autopar3000

    ET IV slotted mag wheels (+ 2 tires)

    I have a set of 4 vintage ET IV Ansen Sprint style slotted mags with two P215 70 R14 tires. The size of the rims is 14 x 6.75. The bolt pattern is uni-lug, so these rims will fit your LBP Mopar or Ford (5 x 4.5"). They will fit other size bolt patterns if you rotate the washers or buy...
  8. autopar3000

    SBP aluminum wheels

    Hey guys, last call on these before I lock up the garage for the winter. $100 takes them. Below I have included a pic (from 1992) of what they looked like on my car.
  9. autopar3000

    SBP aluminum wheels

    I'm dropping the price on these to $100.
  10. autopar3000

    SBP aluminum wheels

    I have a set of 14" SBP wheels (5 x 4" bolt circle). Two rims are 7" wide with 3.5" backspace and the other two rims are 5.5" wide with 3" backspace. The center caps are included, plus 16 lug nuts, 4 lock nuts (including key), and 20 washers. They're unmarked, so I don't know what brand...