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  1. autopar3000

    Painted my rear seats

    Hey guys, I thought I would do up a quick little post on the spray job I did on the rear seat in my 70 Swinger. When the car came into my family 31 years ago it had seats from an Aspen or Volare. They rotted out years ago and about 8 years ago I found this rear seat for sale online: I ran...
  2. autopar3000

    Ignition lock cylinder question - what's the difference between 70/71 and 72 up??

    Hey guys, I've got a 70 Swinger. I'm in the middle of swapping from column shift to floor shift + console, and as part of the steering column swap I want to replace my ignition lock cylinder. It's worn out pretty good. The problem is my column shift column is from a 1970 car, and I'm pretty...
  3. autopar3000

    Who Makes One Quality One-Piece Carpets?

    Hey Guys, I'm working on the interior of my '70 Swinger and it's about time to replace the carpet. I know the cars originally came with 2 piece carpets, but I'm not stuck on the original look at all. To me, a 1 piece carpet makes way more sense. Can anyone tell me who makes a good 1 piece...
  4. autopar3000

    Blast Masters! I need your help.

    Hey Guys, My 1970 rallye dash was painted a couple of decades ago, and it's starting to look a little rough. I want to give it a repaint, but I'd like to try and get the old paint off first. Obviously I don't want to destroy the plastic, especially the shapes and text that is molded into...
  5. autopar3000

    Seat belts

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about improving the safety of my ride by picking up a set of aftermarket retractable 3 point seat belts for the front. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any good experiences or bad with a product on the market? Thanks in advance for your replies, Mike
  6. autopar3000

    Rear seat question

    I'm looking for some help here... Would the rear seat from a Duster / Demon / Dart Sport fit in a hard top car (i.e. my '70 Swinger)?? I might be able to get a rear seat from a '73 Dart Sport, but I'm not sure if it would fit in my car.
  7. autopar3000

    Column to console shifter conversion

    I have a 70 Swinger with an automatic trans and I'm looking to go from a column shifter to a console shifter. Obviously my car isn't equipped with the brackets that the console would bolt on to, and I'm wondering what the best solution to this is. Also, is there anything I need to watch out...