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  1. Inertia

    Dr. Diff Shout-out ! !

    We broke an axle the weekend before last, ordered new axles online from Dr. Diff, - got a confirmation email from Cass about an hour later, - got an email from FedEx about an hour after that saying they'd picked-up . There had been a few comments about lack of response from the good Doctor ...
  2. Inertia

    4 spd ID please, and a few other questions .. tia

    Hi, I'm thankful for finding this site, as I'm putting my Dart back to 4 spd., and am goin to look at some parts this weekend.. Specifically I'm looking at a 4 spd, supposed to be outta Swinger, # stamped on pad on side is either.. 48832605 (first "8" could be a "B"), if someone could tell me...