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  1. Inertia

    circle track rear gear ratio info needed

    I do as mentioned. Find what trans gear ratio, diff gear, and rpm. I use 2nd gear 2.022:1, with 3:30 diff on one track. 3rd gear 1.384:1, with 4:30 at another. 7500 chip
  2. Inertia

    Wheel hop. 68 383 4 spd

    A whole lotta other stuff has to happen in harmony with the snubber for best results . Bolt a snubber on a stock chassis may help, - weight transfer, shocks, preload, all need attn as well . Using the info in the Mopar Chassis Manual helped Calvert make something shiny to sell, - but perhaps...
  3. Inertia

    Moving "Mopar Performance Issues"

    I know where I'm putting this thread .
  4. Inertia

    Engine shakes under acceleration

    Missed any shifts or over-reved it lately ?
  5. Inertia

    Nitrous on a 340 100 shot

    I've got an ancient kit for old bleeds . Love passing this stuff/knowledge on .
  6. Inertia

    Nitrous on a 340 100 shot

    Mike, this would be a great place to look for that 8 1/4 side gear. Perhaps put up a want ad .
  7. Inertia

    Nitrous on a 340 100 shot

    Thnx for the kind words Mike, most of all that you did yourself . Your a good listener, getting to be a great mechanic, good job . Cheers
  8. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    Are you actually test driving the vehicle, or just revving it up in your driveway with no load ?
  9. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    My kids put an injection kit on theirs, they ruined a cap, the final line of the instructions said - "set the total timing to 32* - 34*" jmo .
  10. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    Yet he is still running those plugs, does that suggest a novice . The original post states "plugs are rich", is that how YOU read them ?
  11. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    All my schooling and experience has taught me to eliminate all the obvious easy stuff before going deep . I'm not saying the plugs are THE cause, but that oil fouled plug will likely misfire under load . If it's still sucking oil, that's a vacuum leak, is that okay, let's ignore it ! Do you...
  12. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    Oh boy . Personally, I try to make changes one at a time, so you know what repaired the issue . jmo.
  13. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    I'm not your best source for that info . Thnx for the concern, lol . Good luck . Cheers .
  14. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    Just for grins and giggles, put some new plugs in it, probably solve problem for a short while, then read the plugs again . They may tell a different story . If not, my asshole's sucking wind . EDIT
  15. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    I maintain your spark plugs are telling you it looks like one plane of the manifold is sucking oil, with probable vacuum leak. The other runner, not so much. That oil is coming from somewhere . Perhaps put a vacuum guages on it . My mentor had me read EVERY spark plug I took out, prob nearing a...
  16. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    You need to rotate crank 360* after TDC compression stroke to get overlap, or look to #6 for equal overlap when #1 at TDC compression .
  17. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    I've found that with the extreme voltages were using, and improved quality of induction pick-ups, that if the timing lite pick-up is alongside or near other wires, it will trigger the light with multi strikes . I found isolating the wire, or placing the induction pick-up away from other...
  18. Inertia

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    I think the plugs are telling you a story .
  19. Inertia

    Secondary Stumble

    When was last tune-up ? Put in new spark plugs .
  20. Inertia

    Valve to piston clearance

    As mentioned, your cam timing's outta whack. The Toyota engines I race now have 20 thou shims to stack on the block when the factory turbo'd them. Bigger turbo, more shims. Back in the day, we tagged 4 - 5 welds on a sacrificial valve, sharpen, then use a piece of fuel line and clamp to limit...
  21. Inertia

    How much gain with lower gears?

    Get it to hook first. Can't get any accurate info if you're spinning the wheels 60'. Cheers.
  22. Inertia

    Acting like one cylinder firing lean.

    On pass side of carb , there's a lever on the very outside of the linkages connecting the front to rear shafts, there's a piece that is supposed to push the secondary closed. You likely need to adjust ( bend) the tab to get the sec to close at idle.. Look closely, to understand before you...
  23. Inertia

    Need Opinions. Have nothing to compare to.

    You've done more than most to find extra power, ie.dyno tune. I'd move over to the charger.. If you feel you just can't leave it alone, try a bigger carb, 850ish, for a bigger, easy bolt on boost. Jmo
  24. Inertia

    Safe rpm

    If you have a smart phone, most have an accelerometer chip in them, download a g-meter app. Use that to find what rpm your acceleration starts to fade, a hundred under that is optimum shift point.
  25. Inertia

    too much noise and too many leaks

    Small blocks came with steel gskts from the factory too. I still have an OEM pair hanging on my wall..
  26. Inertia

    Calvert set up pictures

    ^^^^^ Xs2 Before Caltracs, we used to hook by clamping the front of the springs to make them solid as a "bar". (Caltrac) Longer shocks, I used Charger shocks, some IIRC used the Imperial shock.. Pinion snubber worked for me. Loosey goosey front end.. Worn out front shock, or as...
  27. Inertia

    Dies if brakes are applied suddenly

    I believe you'll find the floats are too high,, and sloshes fuel .. I'd try lowering the floats..
  28. Inertia

    Ticking sound, Help please

    Glad you got it resolved,, now for lotsa miles with lotsa smiles.. cheers
  29. Inertia

    Crankcase Evac Pump

    With so much blow-by,, there has to be a point,, without adequate venting,, that the crankcase pressure will actually start to blow the rings off the lands, causing more blow-by,, and the pump (like having more breathers) may relieve that pressure allowing the rings back on the lands, and more...
  30. Inertia

    Crankcase Evac Pump

    Yeah,, we tried and tried to tell him that,, but he appears to believe only that which he wants to hear,, Check out the original thread,, musta been suggested a coupla dozen times..