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  1. Inertia

    [WANTED] 833 Output shaft and tail-housing

    Looking for a 67 or newer, 30 spline A-Body out-put/tailshaft and tailshaft housing, for an 833 non-Overdrive.. Also looking for B-Body 833 non O/D tailshaft housing, (forward shifter mount).. thnx Thnx FABO... cheers . . grant
  2. Inertia

    [WANTED] 57 Lincoln Parts help.. WCFB carb kit

    Hi Folks,, I'm having the challenge of trying to find parts for a client's 57 Lincoln Premiere 4 dr HDTP. (he also has a Chally,, so I'm willing to help him out.. lol) Specifically I need a WCFB carb kit,, all the door weatherstripping ,, and no doubt more to come... If you could steer me...
  3. Inertia

    [SOLD] 67 - 69 Dart, Swinger, or GTS.. finished

    WANTED----- I have a friend looking for a really nice, complete 67 - 69 Dart,, 340 or better,, manual or auto.. Could go to $20k ish... Pacific Northwest prefered,, but willing to travel for the right car.. thnx very much.. grant
  4. Inertia

    WTD: 8 1/4 Suregrip at MATS

    Looking for an 8.25 Suregrip unit, suitable for use with 3:55 gearset,.. possibly to be picked up at MATS.. thnx . . . grant...
  5. Inertia

    Wanted - Shift rods, and levers

    Looking for shift Rods, and Levers, for a 69 Dart 4-spd,, please/ thnx
  6. Inertia

    Wanted - Pass. Bkt. Seat tracks

    Passenger side bucket seat tracks needed, please. . . thnx
  7. Inertia

    Wanted - 340 Std. Rod and Main brgs, lifters

    Looking for a set of std. rod and main bearings, and a set of lifters for a 69 340 thnx.. grant..
  8. Inertia

    Wanted- Std. 340 Main, Rod Brgs, and Lifters

    Looking for a set of std. - main and rod bearings, and a set of hydraulic lifters for a 69 - 340.. thnx.. grant
  9. Inertia

    Wanted - Shift Lever only

    Hey . . I'm looking for a shift lever, with or without ball, for a 68 Swinger 4 spd, bench seat, I have a rebuilt shift mechanism, and all the linkages, but no handle,, I'mm eyeing a pair of vise-grips, . they ARE chrome, ..mmmmm but not quite the lever I was wanting.. .. thnx.. grant
  10. Inertia

    Wanted - Just a Clutch Pedal

    Need just the Clutch Pedal for 69 Swinger.. Anyone changed to automatic and got a spare clutch pedal around??? thnx.. grant
  11. Inertia

    West Coast Help Please..

    Hey All,... I'm coming down I-5 from Canada to Vegas Feb. 28th weekend, for the Nascar race , and am hoping to find some parts along the way... For a 69 Swinger 340, I'm looking for.... - 51 1/2" large joint driveshaft, centre to center u-joint, preferably 4spd/8 3/4, but ends...