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  1. justcuz

    71 Demon Sway Bar Color?

    I had this pic of my Demon on my phone. It looks more like a matte black than gloss.
  2. justcuz

    Pump it Down just wanted to share this article. has anyone tried this?
  3. justcuz

    sway bar

    installed a set of QA1 LCA on my stock K member 1971 Demon stock sway bar does not fit any suggestions without buying the QA1 K member?
  4. justcuz

    source for suspension bushings

    Took the Demon in for a wheel alignment and require the following items: rear leaf bushings - front and back leaf spring eye bushing strut rod bushings sway bar link bushings torsion bar control arm bushings - same as dust boots? I know that Classic Industries probably has most of the items...
  5. justcuz

    A Body Suspension Kit

    Chrysler A & B Body Suspension System anyone use this kit before? anything out there that is comparable? looking for suggestions/comments.
  6. justcuz

    1971 Demon 340: Monster Suspension Upgrades! – Hot Rod Garage Ep.28

    1971 Demon 340: Monster Suspension Upgrades! – Hot Rod Garage Ep.28 - YouTube
  7. justcuz

    sway bar bushings ... what size

    03ramit1 sent u a pm
  8. justcuz

    sway bar bushings ... what size

    thanks for the quick reply much appreciated
  9. justcuz

    sway bar bushings ... what size

    I am planning on replacing the front sway bar bushings on my 1971 Demon 340 I am told these come in 2 different sizes which ones do I need?
  10. justcuz

    sway bar size

    what size would the stock sway bar be on a 71 Demon 340? 7/8 Inch Bar or 15/16 Inch Bar I am looking at upgrading to a Polyurethane bushing kit and the size of the sway bar is required before I place my order the car is at home and I am at work. thanks.
  11. justcuz

    Energy Suspension Kit has anyone installed this kit? was it worth it? are there any other kits that could be recommended?
  12. justcuz

    how to stop squeaking rubber bushing noise

    YouTube - How To Fix Squeaks In Your Car
  13. justcuz

    lock to lock found the info needed here thanks for all your help
  14. justcuz

    manual to power steering

    sorry... from Chilliwack, B.C.
  15. justcuz

    manual to power steering

    thanks again... at least now I know that it can be done...for a price will try and find a car that has this option allready to save money as I have limited mechanical skills
  16. justcuz

    manual to power steering

    what is involved in doing a conversion from manual to power steering? estimated cost?