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    69 cuda dash

    Some pics of when i went through my 68 Cuda...It was blue, I decided to go black dash and black pads
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    What year is this Heater Box Fit????

    If I remember correctly, the cables mount slightly differently between the 67 and 68 barracuda heater boxes, everything else appeared the same to me
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    [SOLD] Engine Cradle, Big Block Mopar $20

    Sale pending to a local guy...
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    [SOLD] Engine Cradle, Big Block Mopar $20

    I have a new engine Cradle for a big block Mopar. Never used. Probably not worth shipping so anyone in the Dayton-Cincinnati Ohio area can pick it up Located in Middletown, Ohio $20... :)
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    Truck Dana 60

    When i took my truck Dana to Mosier for narrowing, they ask me if I wanted the standard Mopar offset... I cant remember the exact measurement ... I welded some square stock to it first for a snubber....
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    Mini tub dance

    Looks awesome ! I need to fab mine up too.... 68 Cuda fastback that I mini tubbed.... still in bodyshop hell...
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    Engine Test Stand

    Some measurements for those asking a 26" wide radiator fits easily... My 505 never got off 160 deg during break-in most tubing is 2" square 1 used 1 1/4"square tubing for the radiator support and the gauge panel 4"X 5" steel plate for the wheels... "get 2 swivel wheels and two that lock" square...
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    Trivial discussion: '67-'69 Barracuda: Fastback vs. Notchback- your opinion?

    I'm partial to the fastback also. I like the Darts better then the notch, but the fastback Cuda's better then the Darts or notchbacks. To each his own, Thats why they sell them either way :)
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    Painting engine with POR15 engine enamel problem

    I used the Por Hemi orange on mine, It was fairly think and flowed out nicely. I brushed mine... twice
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    Engine Test Stand

    I don't know why I built a stand when I could have just sit it on a 2X6... lol that video is cool I got the Pepsi sign when I worked at a Texaco station back in 75.. The owner got new stuff and was tossing it.... Lucky me :) And the 78 Cobra...It's the wife's. We order it from a local dealer...
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    Engine Test Stand

    Two casters are lockable... IT didn't move at all, I was expecting some rocking side to side while I burped the throttle... but it was very solid. I was pretty busy watching the gauges and everything during break-in, but I had a go pro and a digital camcorder recording it, and the engine was...
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    Engine Test Stand

    Couple more from the first start of the fresh build
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    Engine Test Stand

    Built this stand to play with :) The engine , radiator and MSD box will go in my Cuda if I ever get it out of body shop hell. It's totally adjustable for most engines. [/ATTACH]
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    68 barracuda 340 dash

    68 restored dash with a 69+ 150MPH speedo
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    1968 Barracuda wiper motor color

    This is what is in my 68 Cuda
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    oil pan hitting K-member

    440 stroker motor, Moroso 7 qt oil pan in a 68 Cuda. Small block K-frame from a 73 A body for the larger disk brakes.. Schumacher mounts.. I had to notch the K-frame due to oil pan clearance. I Also had to notch it for the high volume oil pump
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    [FOR SALE] Mini Starter Conversion Terminals

    Sent A pm earlier about one if still available
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    [SOLD] Parting 67 Cuda fastback

    Sorry Guys I parted everything out that I was going to sell. My 68 Cuda is still in bodyshop hell and no Idea when It will come out. 'I haven't been on here in awhile and I just got a couple emails from here about some PM's. I'm sorry I haven't responded...... but this stuff was sold a long...
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    [SOLD] 67 Barracuda fenders $450 Pair

    Fender are sold !!! Thanks for all the interest guys :)
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    1968 440 pistons, flat top or valve relief ?

    The pistons are way down in the hole, compression is crap, It's way over cammed but sounding angry :) and oil pressure is down ... I had the 906 heads redone and hardened seats put in. The cylinder walls looked perfect. Engine was out of a motorhome... Just wanting to put new bearings in it...
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    1968 440 pistons, flat top or valve relief ?

    Cool..... Found a used set that I want to put in my old ratrod to up the compression that has a late model truck engine.. Just trying to keep the cost down
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    1968 440 pistons, flat top or valve relief ?

    are the stock pistons in a 1968 440 a flat top or do the have valve reliefs as shown ? Thanks guys
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    Which Aftermarket gas tank for a 68 Cuda ?

    Car is in Bodyshop hell............... I bought the Hotrod City tank... looks to be a really nice piece. It has the intank Aeromotive fuel pump....hopefully one of these days it will be on the road..........
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    [SOLD] 67 Barracuda fenders $450 Pair

    Price reduced to $400 and I can bring to the Nats....
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    [SOLD] 67 Barracuda fenders $450 Pair

    These are large items and are easily damaged if not properly packaged. I wouldn't have a clue what shipping would be to ship overseas or how much it would be to properly crate them for such a long trip. Or even the procedure on how to ship them or collect the money. Unfortunately, I am having to...
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    [SOLD] 67 Barracuda fenders $450 Pair

    $400 for the pair. really good straight fenders......... perfect for a nice race car
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    Mini tubs- wish they were made for our cars

    I need to see how to do my back seat correctly..... I want it to fold down
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    Mini tubs- wish they were made for our cars

    My Cuda is still in body shop hell, Its a 68 Fastback, mini tubbed.. I trimmed the back seat bottom so that is fits, easy trim job , but do you have any pics of how you did the back, does it still fold down ?