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    70 Dart VS. 69 Dart VS. 71 DEMON

    How can you honestly ask some one else what is the one that is best to go with? Only you can answer this question. its not a matter of what others want but what you want. My suggestion to you is to take and walk around each car and gently rub them with your left hand and see which one calls to...
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    Homemade suspension parts

    very nice, did you write down the measurements of the parts for future reference, and so i can get them from you to make my own?
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    Stalling problem - only in gear

    is there a set screw to adjust the minimum air flow on the throttle body? might want to crank it up a bit. sounds like a converter would definetly help, what trans is it exactly? does it have a lock up converter? also did you fiqure out what the compression ratio is of your motor with the 360...
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    Stalling problem - only in gear

    I wonder what the c/r of the engine is, i assume a stock converter?
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    340 valves in 318 heads???

    boy rumblefish360 you are a sensitive dude, yes i did read that wrong but if you had as may beers as i did you would have too LOL. And you call me dumb? you dont even know me, what I do, or have done. But like i said bottom line is that no one will argue that 1.88/1.60 is a bad thing to do on...
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    340 valves in 318 heads???

    Im not sure on the exact holley intake, but it has small narrow ports like the 318 heads and will wake up a 318 in the 5000 to 6500 rpm range. now if you tried a m1 intake it would kill the power throughout the rpm band. ill try and find out what intake the holley is, i dont think its a...
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    340 valves in 318 heads???

    I remember someting about not going any larger than a 1.94" intake on the 318 due to the cyl wall shrouding the valve. I have put 1.88/1.60 valves into the the 318 heads with a 340 repo cam and a single plane holley small runner intake 600 cfm eddy carb. runs really good........
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    quarter panel replace ment

    It is illegal to put body filler inside the trunk from here on out !!! :evil3: Any way I have to throw my 2 cents in here, there is nothing wrong with flangeing or butt welding or even just doing an over lap. It all just depends on what your capable of doing and picking the right spot to do it...
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    6.1 stock exhaust manifold

    hmm i get the feeling i could make a small fortune if i came up with an inexpensive set of shorty headers for a hemi a body........
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    water in oil 318

    If the intake didnt want to seal properly and it was a used intake/heads maybe it was milled or the heads were milled and the intake wasnt?
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    **Twin Turbo 67 Dart Project**

    I had some very bad luck with the 904's anything that could break did break. the 727 held up and never puked on me. Just me rabbling on, take it with a grain of salt....
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    My Demon 5.7 hemi carb swap

    Very cool, what did you do for the pilot bushing on the trans and to get the trans to bolt up? And what diameter are your header tubes? Im useing 1 3/4" on mine.
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    2009+ 5.7 Hemi Eagle

    hmm that ms3 pcm is starting to look even better after seeing the prices for hot wires stuff. I dont think it would be too hard to modify a factory harness either, and i would definetly loose the drive by wire and pick up a different throttle body off e bay 199.00 but im an odd ball and tend to...
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    Megasquirt ems

    your not kidding ateam, so far all i have been doing is reading trying to get up to speed on things. it would be so much easier just going carb but so much more fun having efi.
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    Megasquirt ems

    Any body have experience with it on a 3 g hemi?
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    Im still working on a couple of other projects right now, have to paint this damn camero and get rid of it so i have some room in the garage then i can bring the duster home and get the engine sat in it then i will have a better idea of how to set it up. It looks like the pass side header is...
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    maybe i am under rating the hp
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    The 392 will be a very de tuned motor, running 8.5:1 compression. the 700 hp is a very realistic number on a very mild street tune and not spinning over 6500 rps. The turbos can easily net over 1000 hp if tuned for a more race application. I could probably safey bring in 800 hp by leaning it out...
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    Looks like if I build it as a 392 stroker and want to spool up quick then a pair of theese will put me at 700 hp at 14 lbs boost...
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    Hmmm... How 'bout a 2.2/2.5 turbo in an early A?

    I have playedwith the 2.2 and 2.5 turbos a bit, I even know where there is a experimental 904 (factory experimental) trans at. Personally id rather use a 2.0 or 2.4 neon / stratus mill for the sheer fact its cross flow.
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    6.1 Carb Intakes?

    Its time like theese im happy to have my tig welder and mill. :naka:
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    The car will basically be a street car and im looking for 800-1000 hp on a twin turbo set up. Max rps 6,800 Fuel injected, pump fuel. 3:55 gears and a833 non o/d 4 spd.
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    Xv intake manifold

    Can you post a link to this intake?
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    Im hoping to be able to kill the injectors if my bost limit is exceeded. still researching the different managment systems. Those godspeed turbos are hard to resist, sure id rather have a bb turbo but they get costly. Im not going to buy anthing just yet, still got some research to do. How...
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    5.7 6.1 port differences

    To my understanding the older transmissions will bolt up but you need to add a spacer which is available in kit form. It really doesnt look that hard to do the swap if you are just going to run naturally asperated, either efi or carb. the trouble im going to have is running a twin turbo set up...
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    well I guess I can start off with, I hear of 60mm turbos and 67 mm turbos, then gt45 and t60 t66. what size are they referring to exactly?? I would like to use a set of the gt45's off e bay for startes then if they fail upgrade to something better. Im planning on staying injected and running...
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    Help!! im confused!!!!

    well i got the hemi home today, now just to finish up a couple of other projects then ill be bringing the duster home and getting started. oh yea and waiting on a turbo book so i can get up to speed, dont know jack about turbos and how to size them.
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    5.7 6.1 port differences

    I wonder how far you can go before worring about break thru....
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    5.7 6.1 port differences

    Awsome artical Martin, does anybody know if the bult locations around the ports are the same?
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    daves 72 duster

    well I was thinking of putting in a 440 but decided to buy a 5.7 hemi instead, in the long run i think im better off, hopefully ill get some pictures going soon. just trying to finish a couple other projects up then im going full tilt. Im still trying to figure out the turbo thing but hay cut me...