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  1. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] Small block parts for sale

    I'll take the exhaust manifolds if still available PM me info, I can paypal you
  2. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 340 engine parts

    Hi, your inbox is full. How much for 71 Filter adapter?
  3. 72WhiteDemon

    [SOLD] 727

    I'm interested, I live in Detroit area, maybe we are close? It appears to have mounting tabs for console shift?
  4. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 1972 Demon 340 HOOD

    Not to criticize, but when an ad says, "$$$ plus ride", that implies shipping. If you don't plan to ship, you might want to take that out of your ad?
  5. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 1972 Demon 340 HOOD

    Hi interested in the hood, PM sent
  6. 72WhiteDemon


    OK, I PM'ed you my wife's work address thanks!
  7. 72WhiteDemon

    [SOLD] 340 & 727 transmission

    Can you make out the VIN on the block? How about the casting dates on the heads?
  8. 72WhiteDemon


    i'd like that 9/71 manifold. PM me a price shipped to 48180?
  9. 72WhiteDemon


    Could I see pics of the 9/71 manifold?
  10. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] Single Piston Caliper Adapters

    How much including shipping to 48180?
  11. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 72 340 Air Cleaner

    It's all there, the flapper is a little loose, but nothing is broken or missing that I can tell. I will assume that the servo may need rebuilding after 44+ years. $180.00 shipped to 50 States or if you can pick up I'll knock the price down.
  12. 72WhiteDemon

    [SOLD] 1970 dart 12,017 miles

    My Gawd, it don't get more 70's than Harvest Gold and Avocado Green!!! What's up with the square hole around the heater core opening?
  13. 72WhiteDemon

    [Found!] 340 air cleaner with air door

    I have one I can dig out, 1972 version with rear door flapper. PM me if interested.
  14. 72WhiteDemon

    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    NAG1 and 8 speed are completely different pieces, NAG is more sensitive to WSS, and one tire being more than 1/8" off can throw gear ratio error codes (P0731, for example), and gear swaps are also harder. 2011 and older used the 42rle trans, that's the difference there. CAN is communication...
  15. 72WhiteDemon

    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    I don't think the 845RE is over 200. But I am not knocking the T5, just curious. ran several in my old Fox Body days. CAN is not a big of a mystery as people make it out to be, as long as it is not shorted or grounded. The only thing you would even have on the network would be the PDC, PCM...
  16. 72WhiteDemon

    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    What stopped you from going 3.6/8sp, like out of a 2011-up LX?
  17. 72WhiteDemon

    [SOLD] 72 340 exhaust manifolds

    Perfect for my 72 Demon, could you send pics? PM sent...
  18. 72WhiteDemon

    [SOLD] tti 340a-c4 new headers

    If the other 2 don't pan out, cash in hand!
  19. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 302 and J heads

    Date Codes from J Heads?
  20. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] 1972 Rebuilt 340

    Another request, I've got a 72 cali car also!!!
  21. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] Heads, rockers, cam, springs and bolts

    I am also very interested in the heads, and I am local, please put me in line. Would like to know date codes if possible? I'll PM you my # for contact, thanks!
  22. 72WhiteDemon

    [FOR SALE] heads and headers misc

    Date codes on the heads? I need some dated in 71...