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    Can anyone ID this chrome piece?

    It's lower front windshield corner for 71-74 B body cars. Should be the same for Dodge and Plymouth Grant. Hope this helps.
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    [WANTED] Wanted! 72 Valiant font windshield 4dr sedan

    I am looking for someone coming to the All Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle in July. As the title states, looking for this w/shield delivered to the fairgrounds. Need a clear one, but also consider a tinted one too. It does NOT need to be perfect, just no cracks or stone chips. I don't mind if the...
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    QUESTION, For the Day. Anybody Know What These Parts Are For?

    I think the 3rd bracket from the left looks like a poly 318 alternator brk, bolted to the cast iron water pump.
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    Drive Shaft Nuts

    When you haul it on a tow dolly, just remember all the trans fluid will go to back of the trans, so you will need a drain pan of some kind to empty it. Probably better to drop the tranny pan, and drain. If the car has stock joint straps, it requires a 7/16" wrench.
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    Water pump pulley in my 440 Dart

    I think I would try website 440
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    [SOLD] Hastings piston rings

    Are they still available?
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    [FOR SALE] 6.4 Hemi and 8 speed trans

    No I didn't Mike........ but I will remember that next time. Thanks
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    [FOR SALE] 6.4 Hemi and 8 speed trans

    I tried that first Mike....... and his inbox was full.
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    [FOR SALE] 6.4 Hemi and 8 speed trans

    Pm me...... my buddy is interested! Thanks
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    Went to Daryl Starbird car show in Tulsa this weekend

    Very cool pics Mike! Thanks for sharing! I've have always wanted to go..... just sometimes things don't work out. Was Daryl in the arena for the show? I know he is up there in age.
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    [FOR SALE] 1970 Dodge Dart V8 radiator

    Is it a 3 core rad? What is the part # on top of tank? Thanks.
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    Good Ford forum on the net?

    Try Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions in North Carolina.......... they have very nice repro parts, and some NOS stuff too. I believe most of their parts are made with their own dies. Nice parts IMO!!
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    Bob Riggle has passed away….

    R.I.P Bob Riggle, what a great mopar icon! He will be sorely missed.
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    [WANTED] 1972 Dart Swinger Rear Bumper

    Call Tri City Plating in Tennessee..... they are the bumpers that most folks here buy, and I think they are all satisfied. I have seen their bumpers in person, and they are super nice rechromed units! If you do not have one for a core, their will a core charge too. Also, if you are looking for...
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    Following me home…tomorrow

    Nice clean car for a project!
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    R.I.P Rand Meisner

    RIP Randy....... I grew up listening to the Eagles on the radio, (no money to buy an album when I was 10 yrs old!) and the song Take it to the limit) was my favorite at the time, but still listen to them today. Again, rest in peace in heaven..... and keep on jamming!
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    Need early-Chrysler site[s]

    Try the website at It should be a great resource.
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    Is this a 340 or 360 pan? Need one for my 5.9.

    I have a 360 pan that I believe is around the 73-75 years, and the number stamped into the oil pan is #392, but there maybe other numbers too.
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    aluminum bumpers type needed

    If you can find one, try factory aluminum ones off a 78-83 Ford Fairmonts, and I do believe all models including wagons. Mercury models too. It's very hard to find any of these models that do not have the cushion bumpers on them, or the 5 mph cushion trim on those bumpers too. It will not make...