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  1. AbodyTim

    LMAO at the poor English in compressor manual

    Not surprising. It's anything and everything that is foreign-manufactured. I really try to buy American-produced products but they are hard to find in this day & time. :rolleyes:
  2. AbodyTim

    Center drag link, are they really $600? 1964 dart

    First thing I would do would be to install the engine/trans and check the clearance. Chances are you won't need to change anything. My first '65 Valiant (170, 3 spd.) my Dad put a 340 into back in late '69 and the 2nd '65 (225, auto) I put together in the mid-70s cleared just fine. As far as...
  3. AbodyTim

    70 Maverick came home

    Senior year of HS ('73) one guy had a Comet Stabber that was a package car put together by a local Lincoln-Mercury dealer in '71 and '72, IIRC. Good looking car in black with silver stripes. His buddy had a Maverick Grabber in blue with silver stripes.
  4. AbodyTim

    70 Maverick came home

    Cool find. I had a '71 2 dr. for a while after I was first married. Had about $600 in it, drove it for 2 yrs. and traded it even for a sweet '67 GTX, 440, 4 spd. that I dearly would love to have back. 2005 MotorMax Fresh Cherries 1970 FORD MAVERICK Red Diecast 1:64 2-Door Car | eBay
  5. AbodyTim

    1967/68 Barracuda Notch Hot Wheels Orange

    Love the car. Hate the wheels/tires though. :(
  6. AbodyTim

    1965 Valiant LS Build

    As said, it's your car so build it your way. But to be perfectly honest, if I saw it at a car show I would keep walking after seeing what was in it. Sorry. :rolleyes:
  7. AbodyTim

    [FOR SALE] Plymouth Duster for Sale - Amazing!

    /6 & auto on the column in the video.
  8. AbodyTim

    1964 Valiant Hood To Radiator Support Seal

    SIGH.... Wish I had been able to use that hood. Rob actually took the carcass off my hands for another friend who was planning to fix all the rust. Sure did have his work cut out for him with that project.
  9. AbodyTim

    Garage Squad on Motor Trend TV

    Heather Storm is the blonde twin (seriously) to a girl I dated many years ago. If I had a picture of her you would swear they were at least sisters. She loved working on cars and didn't mind getting dirt or grease under her nails. I can't stand Texas Metal. His truck builds look like refugees...
  10. AbodyTim

    Local Barn Find

    Very cool. Not a Chevy expert by any stretch but that Chevelle doesn't look like a real SS. Still a cool find though along with the GP and the truck.
  11. AbodyTim

    Are any replacement in-tank fuel pump assy.'s made in America?

    Plainly states manufactured in America without having to search for it. Thanks. I have bookmarked that site. :thumbsup:
  12. AbodyTim

    Are any replacement in-tank fuel pump assy.'s made in America?

    Little bit of background- fuel pump went out in my son's '98 Dakota. Ordered one from Auto Zone at more than twice the price of one on Amazon. I figure what the heck. The lifetime warranty and a Made in America pump would be worth it. Imagine my surprise when it arrived with Made in China on the...
  13. AbodyTim

    Duster rear end compatibility

    If you're on a budget, I would look into a Ford Explorer 8.8 swap. Cheap at the pull-a-part, limited slip, variety of ratio's, and easy to narrow to A-body width. Write-up's are available here on the board. Unless you are a purist and don't mind paying the price for an A-body 8 3/4 that may or...
  14. AbodyTim

    Direct Connection posters

    Wish I had saved mine. I had quite a few as well as 7 or 8 Snap-On clocks but the better half wouldn't let me hang them (in the boxes under the bed). Tossed the posters on a clean-out day and wound up selling the clocks back to my Snap-On dealer including one they had recalled because it was a...
  15. AbodyTim

    stuff on the bench

    I wish I had a bench in a warm area. :p Working in the basement and it's a little cool down there. We're slowly finishing the basement so I try to keep my mess to a minimum.
  16. AbodyTim

    Shout-out to DartDad Too....

    Sent me the decals I needed I needed for the '71 GTX. I can't thank him enough. :thumbsup: Now if it will warm up a little more so I can get it painted. :p
  17. AbodyTim

    '71 GTX stock decals?

    Thanks for looking, Asa. DartDad Too is sending me some. All I really need is the hood call-outs (440- non A/G) and the decklid decal. :thumbsup:
  18. AbodyTim

    1970 altered wheelbase hemi charger

    Most degreasers work also (Purple Power, etc.).
  19. AbodyTim

    '71 GTX stock decals?

    No, sir, I didn't. Thought for sure someone would have built the F&F GTX or maybe another kit but didn't use them (some actually had 2 sets of the body GTX decals). I really only need the deck lid GTX and the 440 call-outs for the non-AG hood. I've found them for sale but I hate to pay $15 for...
  20. AbodyTim

    Mr Peabody passed away

    Hate to hear that. :( RIP, Mike.
  21. AbodyTim

    RIP Raquel Welch

    I don't think there were many males that didn't lust after her (me included). :p It was just a few years ago I saw something mentioned about her being in the Elvis Presley movie "Roustabout". I've seen that movie many times and didn't recall her in it. A little digging and I found out she was...
  22. AbodyTim

    Health question.. rotator cuff?

    I've worked on cars since I was 15. Gas station mechanic off & on until I became a dealer tech in '84. Around early '11 I started having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and it became increasingly harder to reach over my head when working on a lift. Finally broke down and saw a doctor about it...
  23. AbodyTim

    Smokey and the Bandit

    Too hard to shift a 4 gear with Sally in your lap. :p
  24. AbodyTim

    What is, or would be your cb handle?

    Blast from the past. CB's got very popular shortly after graduating HS in '73. I had one in my first new vehicle- '74 PW. My handle was Night Stalker as Kolchak: The Night Stalker was one of my favorite tv shows. Used it for a lot of years and don't remember when I got away from CB's. :D SIL...
  25. AbodyTim

    Smokey and the Bandit

    Oh, and the movie was filmed locally around Atlanta. The scene where Buford is in the truck stop with the car on a jack was at a truck stop that was at I-85 and Pleasant Hill Rd. but is long gone. They filmed a scene at a station on the side of Ga. 85 below Fayetteville (just up the road from my...
  26. AbodyTim

    Smokey and the Bandit

    I owned a '78 Gold SE Trans Am back in the mid-90s. 400, auto, w/ T-tops. Bought it for $900, drove it about 6 mos. or so and sold it for $1500. Smokey & the Bandit car is actually a Black SE Trans Am but most folks know them as a Bandit edition. :thumbsup:
  27. AbodyTim

    383 or 318

    Many years ago I started out with 340s. Cheap and plentiful. When I bought my first BB car ('69 RR w/ an unknown 440), I was hooked. Of course, 383s were to be left behind where you found them. That opinion changed in '12 when we bought a 383 from Mike McCandless for a song to put in my son's...
  28. AbodyTim

    Atlanta area members- 69 Newport w/ 383-4v at Pullapart... Not mine

    VIN tag MIA on dash and doors wouldn't open. Didn't feel like crawling under the car to check the diff. :p Have some friends who moved to Mineral Bluff several years ago. Beautiful up there. :thumbsup: Not sure how much of the body parts/trim was worth saving. I was just getting it out there...
  29. AbodyTim

    383 or 318

    I would give the nod to the 383. While a tighter fit, a BB in an A-body is just plain cool. :thumbsup:
  30. AbodyTim

    Quick lock out question

    Yes, just leave the guts out and put the cap back on.