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  1. earthmover

    Worth it to put headers on a 318?

    on my 70 duster back 12/13 yrs ago I had a 318 bored 30 with trw pistons general kinieck (speeled wrong lol) cam 454 lift stock rockers,performer intake 750 dble pumper carb. cheap flow tech headers 430 gear on street tire and would wipe the floor with a stock mustang... oh h pipe and 2.5 into...
  2. earthmover

    Absolute best header gasket

    I have never used a gasket for my headers .. I only use perma tech hi temp gasket maker....learn that from my friends years ago..thye run high 5's low 6 with no problems:D
  3. earthmover

    rust proof your headers

    I don't plan to do it just thought it was diff. way of doing things....:D
  4. earthmover

    rust proof your headers

    anybody ever try this???? I was looking around and read it and just wounder if anybody had...
  5. earthmover

    header help??

    sorry bout that guys but i had the cheap headers on my 340 could change plugs and didnt rub any where except getting on the trailer to go racing:D...but then again i do stuff on a budget from time to time.:protest:..and my car was a street/strip car so no need to spend a ton of money just for a...
  6. earthmover

    header help??

    flow tech are 1 5/8 and cheap lol..:D also whats the price of the dougs and tti ....lets say about 500.00/600.00 flow tech 150.00 or less
  7. earthmover

    header help??

    i went 7.40 with the flow tech headers in a 70 duster all steel you would be ok with those listed above unless you just have to have a big tube or name header....but thats just me ..:burnout: also you gotta think about the header size..the bigger the pipe you lose low end tq....i had some...
  8. earthmover

    header help??

    thats going to get expensive....for what you have buy you a set of the summit/jegs/flow tech headers ..they work pretty good for a mild set have to take the driver drag link and tie rod a lose but not alot of trouble....jmho at about 150.00 and under..mike
  9. earthmover

    HELP! Header gasket replacement

    I use to use permatex black on the header at the head when I ran my w2 headers with plates that bolt to stock heads never a problem and cheap.
  10. earthmover

    X-Pipe, Thrush mufflers installed. (Video.)

    whats your combo i have 1 of those comp cam 306 mag 260@50 555/555 cams hahahaha..if you dont mind me asking