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    Phoenix greetings

    Welcom from glendale.
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    Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome from Glendale AZ. If you need help just ask
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    New to the forum.

    welcome i thought i reconized your screen name. cant wait to see some pics of that car.
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    AZ newb

    yeah you forgot about the 91st and norther show on fridays, and the chili bombers one (bell and 51st ave) on saterdays as well. I say we start going to chili bombers.
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    AZ newb

    welcom from glendale. i am at a mopar gathering every weekend in apache junction. usually just me and a friend working on my duster at his house, but its still a meet right? and about every 3-4 weeks we get a few of the other guys to come out as well, but they are not old mopar they are new...
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    My duster is awesome!

    you need a back seat? i have one that your more than welcom to have. i could meet up with you in a few months when i am driving thourgh CA if you want. it needs to be recovered but its free. that should help you out some.
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    Hello from Chandler AZ!

    I'm not in mopars unlimited, but once my car is driveable I plan on it
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    Hello from Chandler AZ!

    man there sure are a bunch of AZ guys here. we need to get something going and have a BBQ some place or something. ooh BTW welcome.....i would love to see your car. I cant wait to get mine on the road.