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  1. earthmover

    [WANTED] Daytona

    80 up model
  2. earthmover

    [WANTED] Daytona

    any of you guys know of a Daytona for sale race shell is great inbox me if you have any info on 1 thanks guys
  3. earthmover

    [WANTED] 73 duster quarter lights

    Need a set of 73 duster quarter panel lights for my chassis car..what you got
  4. earthmover

    [WANTED] ISO A Body 8 3/4

    I'm right outside of Raleigh ..close to rocky Mount nc
  5. earthmover

    [WANTED] ISO A Body 8 3/4

    I'll have to check on shipping I still have it.but right now I'm down in bed with the flu so it will be a few days..
  6. earthmover

    [WANTED] ISO A Body 8 3/4

    I have a housing and axles I'll never
  7. earthmover

    [WANTED] 4.7 ram head

    Ok guys I need some help ram gave up on me..2002 ram 1500 4.7 the lifter gave up tore the lifter bore up now I need a head..was talking about trading it 2 weeks ago and never made it..anybody have 1 ..
  8. earthmover

    [WANTED] 727 deep trans pan

    hum ok thanks
  9. earthmover

    [WANTED] 727 deep trans pan

    shot me some pm with price and pics guys please
  10. earthmover

    [WANTED] 727 deep trans pan

    looking a deep pan and ext. for my street car trans ..let me know what you have
  11. earthmover

    [WANTED] 2 3/8 retainers 7 degree fit 1.55 valve spring

    I need 2 retainers that fit the stock valves in big block heads ...they need to be for 7 degree locks and 1.55 valve spring..let me know if you can help thanks mike :prayer:
  12. earthmover

    3000 tq converta

    3000 tq converta... let me know what you got
  13. earthmover

    dizzy drive for low deck 400

    that would be great thanks
  14. earthmover

    dizzy drive for low deck 400

    :DI need a dizzy drive for a low deck 400.. I dropped the 1 I had and chipped a tooth on it.. let me know what you got..stock 1 will do what I need..
  15. earthmover

    Need a 170 block

    i have 1 and complete motor took apart but have all the stuff even the holley carb.. in north carolina not to far from you pm me if you want..mik:D:D:De sorry i see you in cinc. thought wv was west virgina
  16. earthmover

    440 timing cover

    i have 1 i took off my 440 and 1 off my 400.. 20.00 and the ride:D
  17. earthmover

    dash pad mount

    thanks :prayer::prayer:
  18. earthmover

    dash pad mount

    i just need a dash pad mount for a 73 duster.. i am going to make my own dash pad but i dont have the mount that it sits on... going in my race car so it does not have to be perfect.....gonna hit the junk yard tomm. and see what come up but would like to put it out there that i need one.. thanks...
  19. earthmover

    Looking for Dodge Dart Parts (1972)

    i have a torker 340 intake for sale ..let me know if i can help...mike
  20. earthmover

    20 under rod bearing 400 big block

    need a set of bearing if anybody has some that they dont need are will not use..let me know thanks mike also a std. set of rings for 400 big block stock cast piston and bore...
  21. earthmover

    windage trayfor big block and bolts

    got 1 guys thanks mike
  22. earthmover

    looking for 360 j heads or 340 x heads.

    i have 2 sets of j heads both ported.. 1 has new milodon valve and the other has the stock 2.02 valves, both have comp cam springs.. set with milodon valves 450.00 , set with stock valves 350.00 both are 2.02 the ride:D:D:D:D
  23. earthmover

    windage trayfor big block and bolts

    looking for a factory tray and bolts for my low buck project...what you got :D:D
  24. earthmover

    bb iron rockers and 4.30 gear for 489 case

    all i have left of the rb stuff is a dizzy from source..whats the best deal on the rockers and push rods????
  25. earthmover

    bb iron rockers and 4.30 gear for 489 case

    i am doing a low buck 400 and would like to use some adjustable rockers.. if you have some cheap or would trade some small block parts for them let me know what you got... also i have a set of 4.56 gears for a 489 case in good shape would like to get a 4.30 or even a 4.11 trade .. must be 489...
  26. earthmover

    looking for parts

    i have the intake and carb holey off a 170 pm if you can use them ..:cheers:l
  27. earthmover

    ***WTB Race Seat***

    if he dont get it let me know price thanks mike :D
  28. earthmover

    Small block intake

    i have a torker 340 for sale a good price + the ride:D:D:D
  29. earthmover

    72 Dart Heater/AC controls

    i have all the stuff from under the hood..the harness im not sure about that its still in the car and my sale or use the car is a 73 that was a 6 with ac let me know if i can help..i need to sale some things due to family issue ..mike