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  1. AJ/FormS

    Base Timing Questions

    V-secs don't suck, lol. IDK about @crackedback, but When I stomp it, I'm stomping it cuz I want "warp-drive"...... N-o-w ! I am perfectly capable of mimicking a V-sec with my right foot. and with a combo like yours; fuel-economy was long ago put on ignore. I tried them both on my Eddy-headed...
  2. AJ/FormS

    [WANTED] Holley Carburetor

    Just for curiosity sake, what seems to be wrong with the current block?
  3. AJ/FormS

    What causes "dieseling"

    Principally, as has been said; as to engine run-on, this is caused by the throttle blades being too far open, at engine shut-down. This allows the inertia of the spinning crank to allow the atmosphere to keep on bullying it's way into the engine, past the throttle blades, where it picks up fuel...
  4. AJ/FormS

    727 Help Please

    You know, You can check the pump pressure without taking the trans apart, right ...................... EDIT or down
  5. AJ/FormS

    Sixpack on a 318 engine ?

    I totally get that; my 360 was singing a lovely tune at 7200, with a 270 cam. I only shifted at 7200 because I was ascared to go higher, lol; the engine was willing.,
  6. AJ/FormS

    76 340 duster overheating at idle

    FYI: I run a stinking ancient, factory 318 rad circa 1973>75, in the factory slanty core support, with a 400plus hp 360 which will pull itself around all day at 550rpm and with 5 degrees of advance. The rad in your pic will be fine, AFTER, you do the following; 1) install a shroud, and 2)...
  7. AJ/FormS

    Sixpack on a 318 engine ?

    As for camming it, this will depend a lot on the rest of the combo, and specifically on the compression ratio/ cylinder pressure, but includes things like the convertor, tites, and, rear gears . If you are running an 8/1 engine, with an 039 gasket, yur already down under 8/1. With the factory...
  8. AJ/FormS

    318 Internal Vacuum Leak?

    I'll go out on a limb and say that your valves and rings are fine enough to not be the cause of your problems. Your 10 degrees of Idle-timing is fine. I'm going with the ECU not knowing the Engine temp, or the temp is not getting high enough to trigger the ECU. With EFI, (as with a carb)...
  9. AJ/FormS

    318 build suggestions?

    What the hell good is power at 6200, on the street? Been there done that, with a 360, any manual trans/any rear gear; it's just a bad idea for a streeter especially one that runs, in my case, 3.55s; where 6200 was 73mph in Second gear, whereas, 60 was 5100. See, I needed power from between...
  10. AJ/FormS

    318 build suggestions?

    And your argument is what again? Isn't that more or less what I just said? Except you make it out to be more than 700 rpm, to get the specific number. What the hell good is power at 6200, on the street?
  11. AJ/FormS

    What's the best way to fix aluminum intake threaded hole for temp gauge sending unit?

    Oh .....That's how it's done ....... It was a comedic reply to OP's comedic reply. Now it's third generation, no wait; Fourth Generation comedic reply.
  12. AJ/FormS

    swapping 82 727 parts into a 78 727 transmission case

    After cleaning, you could probably do the swap in an afternoon for possibly Zero dollars. I would probably only swap the clutches and bands etcetera, unless one has more or better anything.. and would install the better sprag. If you end up swapping gears, make sure they are the same and swap...
  13. AJ/FormS

    Small Block in an early A - how much room for a fan?

    Back in about '75/76 somewhere, I had this oil burning slanty in a 65 Valiant wagon. and I had this junkyard 340 short, with a missing cam, and I had a top-end and cam from a 69 Satellite 318, and an early 273 complete with a 904. With very little effort I installed that big-bore-318/904 with...
  14. AJ/FormS

    Driveshaft won't fit

    It will take IDK maybe five times as much power to, by hand, rotated the trans output shaft in the reverse direction, than in the forward direction; this is normal. I cannot, in my mind's eye, see how the park rod can be installed wrong. You say that you inspected the clutches and the bands...
  15. AJ/FormS

    318 build suggestions?

    And you can make way more mpgs out of the small-cammed 360. than the big-cammed 318. Moving the power up 600 rpm in a 318, to make the number, is about 3 cam sizes, that's ~ 21 degrees on the intake duration, so like 292 degrees, compared to a 360 at say 270, like the one I once had. I started...
  16. AJ/FormS

    Driveshaft won't fit

    Is your car folding up in the middle? lol. Yeah that speaks to the forward clutch possibly being bound up; easy mistake to make but should have been caught when checking the Endplays, after the front was installed. But what do I know, I'm just a lawnmower mechanic.
  17. AJ/FormS

    What's the best way to fix aluminum intake threaded hole for temp gauge sending unit?

    and then, how would you NEVER handle grounding. lol
  18. AJ/FormS

    A blessing or a curse?

    Hyup, about same for me, all parts were pulled from various cars in the back-40, or cars from my past. The Only new parts were; the one quarter, the battery, the various front-end parts, the headers and exhaust, the front brake pads, the tires, the carpet, and various internal engine parts...
  19. AJ/FormS

    Driveshaft won't fit

    Did you have any trouble installing the rear mount. If yes, check your rear mount to be sure it's in the factory position. If no, I'm out. unless the slip yoke is bottoming on the output shaft which, for some reason, has been pushed to the rear, like what happens when one of the clutches is not...
  20. AJ/FormS

    Need some advice on my house.

    That's NOT good and may be indicative of a physical problem. Dare I say , probably is? I see dollarbills, tugging on the bank-vault doors...........
  21. AJ/FormS

    A blessing or a curse?

    I built my car in 1997>99. At that time, metal had just become available for my 68 Barracuda. So I spent my life savings and got the bodywork done. Six years later, the new rear quarter started rusting in all the usual areas, WHILE, the 38 year old quarter on the other side, was still looking...
  22. AJ/FormS

    Need some advice on my house.

    Measure the windows; looking for level sills, plumb sides, and equidistant diagonals. If they pass; Move to where the walls meet the main house; on the outside, look for buckled siding. on the inside, look for cracked drywall joints. I'm no engineer, but IMO, if there are no concrete friction...
  23. AJ/FormS

    What's the best way to fix aluminum intake threaded hole for temp gauge sending unit?

    Some guys will install two or more adapter bushings, into a coolant port on the intake, to make their aftermarket parts fit together. This raises the sensor well out of the coolant's flow-path and is the equivalent of a short pipe. With the sensor thus in stagnant water, inside a pipe that is...
  24. AJ/FormS

    What's the best way to fix aluminum intake threaded hole for temp gauge sending unit?

    The end of the sensor must be in the flowing hot water, in order for the gauge to read right. If you install that temp sender into a stand-off pipe, the water in the pipe will be cooled by the surface-area of the pipe, and read cooler than the water passing by at the bottom of the pipe. and so...
  25. AJ/FormS

    Magnum 5.9 piston crown thickness

    aha! 6.123 rods?
  26. AJ/FormS

    Magnum 5.9 piston crown thickness

    IDK but I'm guessing the factory deck height is Not 9.600
  27. AJ/FormS

    how do people make money?

    I'd be calling for a refund on that. oh wait, maybe you already got it, lol.
  28. AJ/FormS

    Random Carburetor Question

    Obsolete parts carbs. Only worth something to a chevy guy, on account of the good parts appear to be already gone.. On the other hand; that solder cache would be worth taking home, as might be that Pipe wrench.
  29. AJ/FormS

    Help needed on a U joint

    7260 should be as you measured it. If it is not, what are the chances that one of the rollers, inside,are turned sideways? AFAIK, either cross should fit between the tabs.
  30. AJ/FormS

    Electric Vacuum pumps

    I have run Power Brakes at 9inches Idle vacuum, sometimes less. The thing is, as soon as the rpm goes up a bit, the booster is ready to go. Furthermore I am never braking, with the engine at idle, unless I am stopped, lol, so really, idle vacuum is a poor way to measure power-brake performance...