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  1. Inertia

    Does This Debunk the "Coolant Can Flow Through the Radiator Too Fast" Idea???

    ...ago I tried to get overheat issues diagnosed with a heat gun or pyrometer at the top and bottom rad hose, suggesting the difference should exceed 50*, and that 30* be a very min., suitable for a " lawn tractor". Then with little result, I suggested folks go shoot the temps on their daily...
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    Small block headers: worst to best fitting. List your experience.

    I'd measure again. Experience.
  3. Inertia

    Small block headers: worst to best fitting. List your experience.

    Has that motor been measured for correct location, doesn't look like it. Those are the new Stainless Steel, $905 Ceramics are still $700ish with discounts . Cheers .
  4. Inertia

    Does This Debunk the "Coolant Can Flow Through the Radiator Too Fast" Idea???

    I've often mused how raw water cooled boats (inboards and outboards too) running in various raw water temps from 32* melting glacial lakes, oceans, as some of my boats have been, how they maintain the 140* engine running temps that raw water thermostats run, (to avoid mineral (salt) crystalizing...
  5. Inertia

    Correct Engine Color

    Turquoise when I drove it off the showroom floor .
  6. Inertia

    727 Help Please

    Low/Rev Band adjustment or the strut fell out .
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    I think I'd be checking the front calipers to see if the are seized. Try pushing the caliper pistons back into the caliper, see if you can get them to move. Mopar had a real issue with plastic caliper pucks/pistons seizing, especially sitting for long periods no use. Good luck.
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    Brake pedal course

    Adjust the brakes. A lotta pedal travel can be wasted just moving the shoes out to the drum, - then you get "pedal". Adjust the shoes out closer to drum, you get pedal sooner.
  9. Inertia

    Help! Doug's headers in 67 barracuda

    1975ish 318 pick-up mounts.,1976,w200+pickup,5.2l+318cid+v8,1100697,engine,motor+mount,5552 Cheers
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    Help with broken 66 273 Dipstick Tube?

    Oops, meant to re-post this P.S. some use a 3/8? tap to try and thread the tube, but the tube usually turns before any significant thread is made . Cheers
  11. Inertia

    Brake Pedal Diagnostics

    If you put in new pads and shoes, you won't get pedal till the 4 front pads are in full contact with the rotor, so that can take a bunch pumping, and if the rear shoes are out of adjustment, it can take a buncha pedal movement/pumps to get un-adjusted shoes out to contact the drums, so no pedal...
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    Brake Pedal Diagnostics

    Adjust the rear brakes .
  13. Inertia

    489 Crush sleeve or Eliminator

    1969 Factory Service Manual diff torques .
  14. Inertia

    TTI Shorty Headers VS Doug's Long tube headers??

    You spent a lotta money for horsepower. You'd lose a lotta h/p with shorties, no scavenging etc. Doug's long tubes for all my builds, folks pay me to make power . Google TTI rust issues, I stopped using them back 2000. jmo Good luck .
  15. Inertia

    Opinions on used Ford Escape

    We got given an Escape, my granddaughter has had to drive it for a year, no accidents, which she has just completed, and my grandson just got his learners. Had to fab up a right rear upper shock mount cuz of rust . Airbags and ABS . No Drama .
  16. Inertia

    489 Crush sleeve or Eliminator

    You may be thinking GM RRR, They were 210 ish IIRC.
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    489 Crush sleeve or Eliminator

    Crush sleeve doesn't know or care if it was pre-crushed. Couldn't get crush sleeve for a while back 1970's, my mentor went next door to the machine shop and had about 100 - 10 thou thick shims made. We have never bought a sleeve since, - just add a shim and crush the sleeve a bit more. We were...
  18. Inertia

    489 Crush sleeve or Eliminator

    8.75" Rear End Torque Specs All specs are lbs-ft, unless noted Bearing Cap Bolts 90 Ring Gear Bolts 55 Pinion Flange Nut:. Min torque Small Pinion. 741 120 Tapered Pinion. 742. 170 Large.Pinion. 489. 240...
  19. Inertia

    833 belhousing adapter ring

    Passon has 2 rings to go from small to mid, - mid to large, just use both. I did this years ago on a bb Satellite. Precision fit for $80 Cheers, good luck
  20. Inertia

    833 belhousing adapter ring

    Seems to me you just buy the 2 adapters and "stack" the 2 together. Flatwashers on the retainer bolts hold rings in place.
  21. Inertia

    Trouble Installing 18 spline A-833 through dual disc clutch assy.

    The Hemi 18 spline input is on the large input bearing. As I remember it, couldn't you just undo the front retainer bolts, remove the imput shaft, - and use it as a pilot to align the disc splines, then put it back in the trans, and install. There's an issue with the fork.
  22. Inertia

    Wiper Blade refills?

    Bought these a few weeks ago, $14ish Can. From local parts store. Had 1 in stock, ordered 2 more . Cheers
  23. Inertia

    How to fix steering slop?

    Are you sure it's the box ?
  24. Inertia

    Engine popped back thru carb and died, no start issue

    Clean/sand your battery terminal connections, and corresponding cable ends .
  25. Inertia

    Small block headers: worst to best fitting. List your experience.

    Folks always ***** like you have to take the headers off everytime you change oil, - ffs. Mosta mine have been on over 5 yrs, one over 10 yrs. Headers are still the most cost effective way to gain h/p .
  26. Inertia

    273 Rocker Arm Oiling

    Fear not, - someone will be asking same or similar question in a coupla weeks, and 100+ posts later. Retirement security. lol
  27. Inertia

    Small block headers: worst to best fitting. List your experience.

    The 5303 had the #1 tube go straight down thru the "Y" gap in the k-frame, then went under the k and steering gear. Was first header I bought for the Dart from the Mopar Parts counter, kept warranty too. Was one of the first 3 things the Hustle Catalog suggested for improvement.
  28. Inertia

    1970 Duster brake master cylinder removal?

    Leave the m/c off the studs, pull on the pedal that's now near the floor, it'll pop the rod outta the m/c. Don't pull too far, cuz it'll hit the brake lite switch and knock it outta adjustment . That's one way.
  29. Inertia

    Engine popped back thru carb and died, no start issue

    Lol. . "Pop" can be a lotta different things to different people .
  30. Inertia

    Rocker Arm Shaft End Cap Freeze Plugs

    I had posted that wayyy back May 15 on your original posts about rocker oiling. Glad you found them, thnx.