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  1. Inertia

    [SOLD] 340 Forged Crank Ready to Use!! OBO

    Yes, It should be. Having said that, early in my career, I worked for a Moving Company, repairing their trucks, got and used a 318 stg III crank (ala rodding magazines) in a 340, - before I knew about balancing, - no vibration, no drama . Strongly recommend balancing for anything over 500 rpm...
  2. Inertia

    [SOLD] 340 Forged Crank Ready to Use!! OBO

    It is my experience. But other knowledgeable folks will chime in, I'm sure. Could be a 318 stage 3 truck crank, strong but heavy .
  3. Inertia

    [SOLD] 340 Forged Crank Ready to Use!! OBO

    I thought all 340 forged cranks had a hole thru the front and rear throws, mine do.
  4. Inertia

    [SOLD] nice used TTI headers small block

    Like Doug's, they fit most bodies . 67-76 A-BODY, 62-79 B-BODY, 70-74 E-BODY 76-80 F-BODY and 77-88 M-BODY Copied and pasted from TTI site.
  5. Inertia

    [SOLD] shifter rods

    Your box is full tried to send msg
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    [FOR SALE] BIG SALE! Rear ends, power brakes, power steering box

    Would that be U.S. or Can funds.?? Where in Canada..??
  7. Inertia

    340 L2322F .030 TRW pistons

    Hello Moparjerry,, welcome to the site,, That ad you refered to is almost 2 yrs old.. and appears to be sold.. hope it helps
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    [FOR SALE] Holley carb was told its a 750???? for sale $100

    You're going for fuel economy, not power, ?? right.. If you're after power,, you'd be going a step back-wards .. imho I usually take an eddy off and put one of those on,, the owners grin is always the reward.. That accel pump adjustment needs attn before use.. (PS) Send that carb to...
  9. Inertia

    [SOLD] 4 sp dust cover for sb

    Good eye Swinger340,, I need one for a 10.5,, so would like to pass,, thnx Season's Best folks.. cheers
  10. Inertia

    [SOLD] 4 sp dust cover for sb

    I have a US shipping address in Blaine Wash,, thnx sorry,, was having dinner.. I PM'd you,, if you pm your Paypal,, I'll send some $$... thnx much.. cheers
  11. Inertia

    [SOLD] 4 sp dust cover for sb

    Please disregard.. thnx...
  12. Inertia

    340 Engine and 727 Transmission

    Thread is 3+ yrs old
  13. Inertia

    [FOR SALE] BB 6-pack carbs and manifold

    ...bc) .Rare hard to find vintage o.e.m. circa:1970 six pack set up for 440 a/t For your concourse mopar restoration or upgrade excellent working condition c/w coil bracket bell crank and return spring bracket 778**885**9804 emails will go unanswered. cash only 1500.00 Firm hope it helps
  14. Inertia

    [FOR SALE] 1969 340 short block

    Looks like it's going to need at least one sleeve.. glws..
  15. Inertia

    [SOLD] 8 3/4 pinion snubber

    PM re-sent.. sorry for delay.. I somehow sent the first one to myself.. Cannucky.. my own car got in the way,, lol.. I'll call you next week.. thnx.. PS .. you'll end up with this one anyway.. lol
  16. Inertia

    [SOLD] 8 3/4 pinion snubber

    Sure,, $10 is good.. PM sent..
  17. Inertia

    [FOR SALE] 1405 Edelbrock carburetor

    Hi,.. sorry,.. I guess I was a little dissappointed that you posted your carb, a few minutes after I posted my Eddy, for a fundraiser .. You're prob in need too,, so I apologize.. and sincerely.. good luck with sale.. cheers.. grant
  18. Inertia

    [FOR SALE] 1405 Edelbrock carburetor

    Shozbot,.. couldn't you wait for a week... sheesh.. GLWS..
  19. Inertia

    [FOR SALE] Eddy 600 cfm carb - cheap

    please look here thnx
  20. Inertia

    F/s 3:55 gears for 8.25 rear end

    Stll avail I believe...
  21. Inertia

    F/s 3:55 gears for 8.25 rear end

    Please disregard,, thnx
  22. Inertia

    C/L - Clutch Flite

    Not Mine: Unusual,, Cluthflite
  23. Inertia

    SBM Timing covers for sale

    Same here,, and here's a link to similar discussion a while ago..
  24. Inertia

    489 case 3.91 sure-grip gears

    I think he means this link..