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    Overdrive in Early A

    Here’s my two cents: If you are planning on an A833OD—which I myself would recommend over any other trans for ease and for awesomeness, it’s straight-forward. The ‘64-‘66 (and later) A-bodies came with the old iron A833 which are the same size, so the only cutting necessary is for the shifter...
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    Offy 5041 Dual 1bbl install questions

    Summit carries the linkage kit. Part number is OFY-5041K.
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    [WANTED] WTB: Set of matching Carter BBS carbs

    to use on Offenhauser 5041 manifold (which I also need). Ship to 85714. TIA
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    A833 od 4 speed abuse

    Back from the dead... I have a '79 B100 with a stock teener 2-bbl and an A833OD that is original to the vehicle. Since they made them this way, and since your car is a lot lighter than my van, you should be fine. I have also heard they put this trans behind the 360 2-bbl in F-Bodies when that...
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    Another tire fitment question…

    ‘66 Dart 170 2-door post. Replacing my 13” wheels with a set of Wheel Vintique 15x6 (3.75” backspacing) steelies. She’s not really going to be a hot-rod, rather a stock-appearing MPG queen with a Super-Six and A833OD. I’m thinking about 205 75 R15 all the way around for a relatively stock-ish...
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    Another “ID my A833” thread

    Thanks for all the help. I went and got this today. Clearly an OD. Everything is free and gears aren’t too bad. I took measurements from two A-body regular 4-speeds (one B&T ‘65 Barracuda and one slip ‘69 Dart). Measurements and mounts are identical.
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    Another “ID my A833” thread

    The seller just sent me this shot. I was hoping to see a date code, but doesn’t seem to be there.
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    Another “ID my A833” thread

    I was told it’s all-aluminum and definitely an OD with the bigger bearing retainer. He’s got other parts for me, so I’ll be able to see it in-person. This fortunately isn’t an item needing to be shipped. The case numbers he gave me appear to be more like serial numbers…66(or GG)182453.
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    Another “ID my A833” thread

    I apologize for yet another one, but the threads I searched yielded indefinite results. That said, I have a ‘66 Dart 170 2-door I am wanting to put an OD into. Already has a manual. I located one at a junkyard that my research leads me to believe is the right one for my application. I wanted...
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    7 1/4 Rebuild on the cheap

    Old thread, but well-done, sir. People like to yank these out and toss them aside, saying they’re weak. I guess it depends on what one’s usage is. I am putting together a ‘66 Dart 170 2-door that I want to be a daily MPG queen. Though this rear end may be light-duty, it’s also light weight...
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    [Found!] 225 “Super-Six” 2-bbl intake

    Cast iron or aluminum is fine. Just need the intake manifold. Ship to 86814.
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    [SOLD] 1965 Dodge Dart 170 Wagon

    Wheels Up transport service would get it to you for a good price.
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    [SOLD] 1965 Dodge Dart 170 Wagon

    Up for sale is my '65 Dodge Dart 170 wagon. It is complete, but does not run. I bought it as a non-op project, and I never got to it. It has the original numbers-matching 225 that turns over, the original A903 trans, and the original 7-1/4 rear differential with 3.23:1 gearing. This is a...
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    [FOR SALE] 1963 Valiant Signet Conv

    signet was V200 "deluxe" top of the line trim package. there was not a V100 signet. you could get a valiant in V100 (base), V200 (mid), and V200 signet (top). the convertible was only available in V200 and V200 signet trim packages. V200 signets were only available as 2-door hardtops and...
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    78 Dodge Aspen

    there was a rust-free non-op aspen stripper wagon for sale on CL w/ a super-6 and an A833OD about 100 miles away from me. at the time, i had no room for it, or i would have snagged it. here's a 1980 volare long roof with a 318 auto for sale for what appears to be a somewhat-reasonable price...
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    [WANTED] 1965 Dart 170 Trim

    found the tailgate trim. one more piece to the puzzle.
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    Valiant vert on PHX CL *Not mine*

    1965 Plymouth Valiant Convertible - Runs 1965 Plymouth Valiant Convertible - Runs - $3000 (Apache Junction) 1965 plymouth valiant condition: fair cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: rwd fuel: gas paint color: red title status: clean transmission: automatic type: convertible 1965...
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    1965 Dart 170 wagon trim?

    layson's sells it new, i believe.
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    [SOLD] Rust-free '65 Valiant V200 project in AZ

    NOTE: This is my car. 1965 Plymouth Valiant V200 Project "Up for sale is a '65 Valiant 4-door project. It has a 225 slant-six (Carter BBS carb) and an A904 automatic transmission. **PLEASE NOTE: The car does not currently run. It is however fairly complete. The engine turns over. It has no...
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    Floor mat, wagon

    i thought i remembered this being a A-Body 1962-76 - Dart - Duster - Valiant -- Interior / Vinyl Floor Covering / 1963-1966 - 4 Door /
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    [WANTED] 1965 Dart 170 Trim

    no, 65 and 66 are different. thanks.
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    Floor mat, wagon

    i really want a rubber mat, and black would be fine. however, i may go carpteing to get the color right.
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    Floor mat, wagon

    my '65 dart 170 wagon has a rubber flooring mat, as opposed to carpeting. i know that some outlets have carpet for my car ('65 valiant sedan is the closest match), but i saw no rubber matting. my interior is a more-uncommon turquoise color, and the matting is the same color. i'm not so...
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    1965 Dart 170 wagon trim?

    Besides scouring Ebay (!), CL, this and other forums, etc., for used trim, is there anyone out there who makes custom trim? it appears i am able to source the candy cane front trim new, but nothing else seems available for base-model cars. namely, i need all front trim (which is the same for...
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    [WANTED] 1965 Dart 170 Trim

    Looking for the candy cane pieces, the hood piece, the right front fender piece, and the rear left piece b/t the roof and tail gate on a wagon. Ship to 85714. Thanks.
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    [Found!] 1965 Valiant AM Radio

    thanks dave. got one on the back burner, but how much and does it have bracket and faceplate? thanks.
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    [WANTED] ‘65 valiant 4-door trunk mat

    Driver condition. Ship to 85814. Thanks.
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    [Found!] 1965 Valiant AM Radio

    pm’d with my contact info just now. thanks.