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    Dart/Demon Longitudinal Stripe Help

    I will soon be putting longitudinal dart stripes on my 1974 dart sport. I have done smaller stripes and decals before but not a three piece stripe or that long. Any tips for making it straight and lining everything up so the stripe is not wavy looking down the car? Thanks DD
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    Sway Bars

    New Dodge Dart Duster Sway Bars Front Amp Rear Kit 1973 1976 Plymouth Valiant | eBay Would this be a bad set to put in? Its cheap but I'm not looking for anything special. Just want something to help a little with cornering.
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    Sway Bars

    I'm assuming that I will need to make and weld brackets to my lower control arms like the link above since I dont have the 340 lower control arms..Any suggestions for making sure that I have everything in line and not set more towards one side rather then the other? Thanks
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    Sway Bars

    I have a 74' dart that did not come with sway bars from the factory and I building it kind of "custom" since it was originally a /6 car. When I say custom, I mean not putting it back to original. Gonna have a demon stripe etc. My own build kinda. Making my version of a 1974 "Demon" if there was...
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    Retrofit headlights (Mopar)

    I was wondering how people would react to retrofit headlights on these older cars. (Projectors, HID, etc) I understand that a lot of you are looking to keep your cars as original as possible but I think that ones that were made correctly would look and perform quite well. Just wondering how...