Retrofit headlights (Mopar)


Feb 2, 2014
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New Richmond WI
I was wondering how people would react to retrofit headlights on these older cars. (Projectors, HID, etc) I understand that a lot of you are looking to keep your cars as original as possible but I think that ones that were made correctly would look and perform quite well. Just wondering how people would look at a car with them on. Would there be any sort of market for them as I my buddy and I currently make them for Grand Prix's and have been a HUGE success. I have a 74' Dart Sport that I was thinking about putting them on. Let me know what you all think.



This has been extensively covered. We even have a member that is an automotive lighting engineer.

Long story short. Ones that work correctly with proper focus are like $800.

All others are junk.

You can, if you wish, contact Slantsixdan or do a search for his posts about lighting.
I don't mean to "sound that way" but I don't want HID anything on my car

I'm not sure I understand how you intend to make them "look traditional."