67 plymouth barracuda

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  1. johnnycuda
    Car looks great, i had a 340 4 speed 430 rear back in the late 80's. I painted it a Lincoln maroonish continental color 68-72
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  2. CudaClem
    very nice! I was wondering what backspacing is on the rear wheels?
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    1. cuda20
      Thanks. Stock width S60 rearend with disc brakes. 8x15 with 4 1/2 bs. Tires are 295/55/15
      cuda20, Jul 1, 2016
  3. Rob Eppler
    very clean! I like the looks of the new rims/tires. It is a .030 over 440? or bigger? Runs well by the looks of the dial in.
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  4. 69KillerFish
  5. bear
    I like ! I like !
  6. Rock Hornbuc
    Wow! Just one fine 'Cuda! When I get my Charger finished, a notchback is next.
  7. Moparaddict
    WOW...amazing cuda...very nice and jealouse!
  8. d5667
    You should be proud of that one!!!Nice stance and nice color.
  9. plhildy
    Your car will be an inseration. I have a '67, same body, same (old and faided) color. /6. It has been in the family sence new. i was with dad when he bought it. I am planning a 360/408, have the K membrer and 8 3/4 diff. Now time and $$.
  10. Captain Canuck
    Wow! What a beauty. That is one sexy car!
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