68 Dart 6.4 Gen3 Hemi Build

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  1. Mark Wainwright
    Wow.. that really looks good and you do very nice work. Keep it between the ditches if you can. Congratulations.
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  2. Jarrod Alexander
    Yah he wasn’t able to help
  3. Jarrod Alexander
    What transmission did you use
    1. 69Dartguy
      Tr6060 out of a Challenger
      69Dartguy, Feb 16, 2019
    2. Jarrod Alexander
      I’m putting the nag1 in my 67 out of a srt8 and trying to figure out the wheel speed sensor set up
      Jarrod Alexander, Feb 16, 2019
    3. 69Dartguy
      Have you talked to Chris at Hotwire? I think I read where some guys had went to him for speed sensor issues
      69Dartguy, Feb 16, 2019
  4. 69Dartguy
    Finished up the Vintage Air today.
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  5. 69Dartguy
    Here are a few pictures of the vintage air I am installing on my car.Well I can’t get the pics to load.
  6. 69Dartguy
    Finally got the car tuned on a chassis dyno this past weekend.Max power was 414hp and 462 max torque to the ground.Considering the motor is all stock i’m not complaining with those numbers!Tried to load a video but i guess it was too long.
  7. 69Dartguy
    I’ve been working on trying to get the exhaust out the back of the car.Got the windshield put in and going this week to get the frontend lined up.I did take it for a short ride today for the first time.To be a stock engine it has quite a bit of power and it’s still running the 5.7 tune in the computer.I think all the headaches are going to be worth it in the end!
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    2. 69Dartguy
      No i ended up having a friend that installs for a living.He could supply the glass and install it cheaper than i could buy the glass.
      69Dartguy, Jul 2, 2018
    3. Mark Wainwright
      And he didn't break it either LOL. Soon be on the road.
      Mark Wainwright, Jul 2, 2018
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    4. 69Dartguy
      I have put around 400 miles on it. Its been great so far
      69Dartguy, Jul 2, 2018
  8. Hemied71
    Just looked up your build....usually modern motors do not look right in older cars, but this build looks like its coming together quite nicely. I'm an old school guy both with my cars and motorcycles, but I really like my wife's 2016 Scatpack 392 Challenger. I can see why you want to use that powerplant, considering the horsepower! Kudos.....
    1. 69Dartguy
      Thank you.I have always been old school but figured I would do something different this time.Hope to be driving it in a few months
      69Dartguy, Dec 31, 2017
  9. Biff
    That is very reasonable ,keep up the awesome work !
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  10. Biff
    Ok I gotta ask what are you into the car for ? I know it’s like asking a girl how much she weighs ...... but it is a beautiful build
    1. 69Dartguy
      Well i quit adding up dollars when i build a car.All of the work has been done by me and a friend shot the paint for me.Most of my money is in the motor and transmission which i gave 9800 for and the hemi Denny front end.The car i bought really cheap.I still feel like i can sell it for quite a bit more than i have in it because i am not paying someone for labor.I figure i will have close to 30k when I’m done
      69Dartguy, Dec 26, 2017
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