Bankshot's Garage

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  1. Drackvan340
    That's a neat hot rod Dart you have there! Looks fun! Check out my hot rod Barracuda in my garage.

  2. 383FormulaS67
    How fun is that to drive??
  3. Jonathon C Whiteley
    Wow man that's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this with us! This is one I'll have to come back and look at and even show my friends!
      Bankshot1966 and Stone 270 like this.
    1. Stone 270
      Thanks brother. Gonna have more photos up soon.
      I'm in the process of putting in a classic dash with gauges & dynamating the floor
      Stone 270, May 29, 2019
      Jonathon C Whiteley likes this.
  4. Stone 270
    Thats 1 nice looking dart bankshot
    1. Bankshot1966
      you have a great looking 67 also!
      Bankshot1966, May 1, 2019
  5. 383Scampman
  6. 70scatpack
    That’s awesome
      Jonathon C Whiteley likes this.
    1. Bankshot1966
      Thank you, yours is very nice also,
      Bankshot1966, Apr 16, 2019
      Jonathon C Whiteley likes this.
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