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  • "Charlie" is a 1963 Dodge Dart GT. I recently bought it in south Alabama. It is an older restoration but had been taken good care of it's entire life. 225 /6 with under 100K on original motor. Is an automatic with push button. My dad (Charlie) was always a Mopar guy. At the age of 12 I recall the day he drove up to the house driving a brand new 1963 Dodge Dart 170. White 2 door post with red interior. I thought it was the best looking car I had ever seen. Had a bench seat with 3 on the tree. He was very proud of it. When I saw this one, it took me back and reminded me of that day. I'm sure he would have wanted the GT over a 170 if he could have afforded it. It was he work car. This one does need the brake system replaced and am planning on doing the upgrade to disc brakes. I've already found good advice on the process on FABO. thumbnail_IMG_9941.jpg thumbnail_IMG_9943.jpg thumbnail_67071714645__5B8FFDB2-8586-42C6-82A1-10B7C3CBE793.jpg thumbnail_67071712716__8779626C-6A57-4273-A02B-238687B83FC8.jpg
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    1963 Dodge Dart GT
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    Street Radials
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  1. mjmayhem
    Very nice.
  2. ACME SS
    very nice
  3. 340challconv
  4. PScamp74
    Wow what a find, I love the.63 Dart body style... Super nice ride, I hope you have many fun days with this cool ride..
  5. Rob R
    I like it...:thumbsup:
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  6. Dion Light
    Nice looker!
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  7. Rallyerick
    Good Looking Ride
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  8. PG Duster
    You got my respect, very nice.
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