Dans 30 year 63' fi mag project

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  • This is a build thread for my 63' that I've just been blessed with the time and space to be able to work on a bit. This car was originally a Missouri car =(

    It was a 223 /6 with 3 on the tree. When I acquired it, it had already had a 904 put into it and the column shifter oddly hooked to shift the 904 and had no clutch pedal.

    I decided to take this car down the road of a 5.2 magnum swap and retain the kegger manifold with fuel injection. This requires a bit of extra fandangling compared to putting in a 5.2 LA but the magnum blocks are very available and the wiring was also basically shot in this car. I do believe someone at some time hooked a battery up backwards in it causing a wire mess.

    Also, this means the distributor should fit without modifying the hump. :D

    The 223 was still points and I did get it to run before dismantling it (after an oil change) and it was not happy needless to say. Upon head removal, one of the pushrods had a cracked cup and the oil was likely not flowing correctly anywhere due to clogged passages from age/muck.

    Going to clean out the intake and shorten the runners as much as possible for quick flow. These intakes are truck intakes, much like the /6 with very long runners. Aside from that, the 318 is just getting resealed, new timing chain and sprockets and brass freeze plugs. I am also giving this motor a paint job even tho it appears to have been ran low on oil at some time. I did run this motor for about 1 min after an oil change and no evidence of top end noise or knocks.

    Next step in getting the swap in, channelling the frame. Going full box and thru the floor with it and tying the floor to it. I will be okay with my rear passengers (if ever) needing to look where they step so they don't trip.

    I have every bush/joint for the front to redo all of that as well. =)

    This thread will likely be mostly photos but if anyone has any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to pm me or post below.
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    1963 Dodge Dart
    318 ci magnum obd-1
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    CoosBay Speedway

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  1. TaylorT
    Hello Dan I have a 66 Dart been dragging around for 28 years gonna finally get it going. Mine looks a lot like yours except its a convertible 66. I'm in Ft. Worth Texas. Any ideas on a 318 to swap out in this thing? I had the slant 6 rebuilt but now have the time to do it right and want to go ahead with the 318. Any info is helpful.
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    2. DodgyDan
      The mag motor swap is slightly more difficult than putting an LA in. If you run a Mag and don't want wiring or this kegger mani, there's ways to use a carb on them as well, eliminating the need for crank sensor. There's produced manifolds as well as some way to drill/tap the heads to accept the older style intakes onto the mag heads.
      DodgyDan, Jun 30, 2022
    3. DodgyDan
      As I said, I have a lot of mag parts around so just rolling with what's readily available. These motors are everywhere and easy to obtain, which helped me in my decision.
      DodgyDan, Jun 30, 2022
    4. DodgyDan
      Further to that, the 360 is a bit more power at loss of reliability (some say) and fit in the same space. I also have just one 5.9 mag that I take in the sand, it's great. The mags are balanced different than the LA engines and also the 318 and 360 mag is balanced different than one another. This will decide which flex plate/ torque converter combo to use.
      DodgyDan, Jun 30, 2022
  2. 340challconv
  3. Rob R
    Nice car and a Great project...:thumbsup:
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  4. ACME SS
    Enjoy the process and take lots of pictures, it will be awesome I'm sure.

    Have you considered having the body media blasted and primed?

    Your comment about the clogged oil passages reminded me of my high school auto mechanics teacher who told us that he made a ton of money when detergent oils came on the market because they would loosen up all the gunk and plug passages. He told us to never use a detergent oil in something that has never had it in it before. That advice is probably not applicable to anything but a lawn mower these days but I do wonder when I see some of these "mechanic in a can" engine cleaners on the shelves of the parts stores.
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    1. DodgyDan
      I have thought about that but I live very remote. There is a mobile company that will come to my home and media blast the body if I already have it on a rotisserie.

      I'm wanting to drive it this summer I hope!

      The body work will wait and be done slowly as I am driving it over the years. =)
      DodgyDan, Jun 3, 2022
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  5. mjmayhem
    You are doing well on your project. Good luck.
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